I had a great time at the Reason Rally yesterday. It was what I expected and a lot more. All of the many speakers were great though some were a lot more charismatic than others. It certainly was a lot more fun than the Glen Beck preach-a-thon rally last year. I was there with a few members of the South Jersey Humanist. I was very close to the stage on the right side standing next to the fence around the VIP area.

I was surprised to see so many other Black Atheist at the rally. It was the first time in my 57 years that I was face to face with other admitted Atheist that were black. One of the guys in my group attended the Godless Americans rally in 2002 and he said the only Black person he saw was Reginald Finley who spoke at that rally.  

The only downside was the weather but that was not as bad as predicted and I'm sure many more would have attended if not for the rain and predicted thunderstorm.

I took the photos below of our Sister on Atheist Nexus and Rally speaker Jamila Bey. The link below is to some of the other photos I took.

So who else attended and what do you think?


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Hey Eddie, fellow black atheist here, I wish I could had been there, but I'm glad to hear you had a great time, it's about time atheists unite and make our voices heard.

Your pictures came out wonderful!

I enjoyed it. It was a wonderful experience.

Great pix, thanks!

I was at the rally yesterday. i was also at the godless Americans rally a few years back. I don't remember the demographics back then. Norm Allen spoke, but I don't recall the percentage of minorities present. Yesterday, however, the presence of black people was conspicuous, and many of the known prominent black atheists showed up. In addition to the black and other atheists I know in DC, I got to meet some folks I've only known online. Also, a fellow I knew back in the late '80s, who dropped out the scene (which was drastically different back then) bumped into me in the crowd. He was astonished to learn of the explosion of black atheist activity in the past few years. I found all these personal encounters very gratifying.

I didn't hear all the speakers, but most were pretty good, even the ones I don't like. I came too late for Ronnelle Adams' speech, and I missed Jamila's because I was peeing in the men's room by the Washington Monument. Jamila was on MSNBC today. I would say that in spite of the rainy day, and that I was feeling like crap (pollen?), it was an inspiring experience.

Hey Eddie.  Gean Taylor from Atlanta here.  I rode my Honda Goldwing up and made a weekend of it by visiting an old Army buddy of mine who lives in Fredericksburg, Va.  We visited the Tomb of the Unknown that morning, stopped by some Harley dealers and made it to the Mall at around 1300 hrs.  Just as I anticipated, the Religious Fruitcakes were protesting on the outskirts of the area and there were many verbal debates going on as we approached and entered.  I was very impressed with the gathering and wished the weather would have been better.  I see this as just a beginning.  Excellent speakers.  I ordered a rally t-shirt to wear back on Sunday and wore my Black Nonbeliever's T-shirt to the rally.  It was amazing to see so many nonbelievers in one place and I want to see another gathering in the future.  If the weather would have been better, the place would have been packed.  I had other nonbelievers shaking my hand for coming.  It was awesome!!  Alaska in July!

Any chance we make this an annual render-vous?

I would have loved to go *sigh* but I am still recovering from major surgery.  From what Hemant Mehta says, this is not going to be an annual event, due to the time, money and effort this takes to put on.  On a positive note, it's wonderful to see that there were strong numbers of black nonbelievers representing at the event!  There are many other secular conferences and celebrations going on around the country and I hope to see some of you there one day!


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