Call me old fashioned but I'm a dinner and movie kinda guy. Well this weekend marks the opening of a film based on the best-selling novel by author, philosopher and noted atheist Ayn Rand. The film (and novel) is called Atlas Shrugged. Rand was a polarizing figure of the twentieth century partly because of her unapologetic atheism, but more so because of the philosophy she introduce to the world called "Objectivism".

Objectivism extols the virtues of self-interest, individualism, unbridled free-market capitalism, limited government and the promotion of objective reality and reason. It opposes the notion of altruism, charity and government-regulated social equality. Some of Rand's most notable followers include former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, US Congressman (and 2008 presidential candidate) Ron Paul, and US Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas.

My questions are:

1. How many will be going to see this film?

2. Will you be taking someone from Atheist Singles?

3. What are your thoughts on Ayn Rand, her "Objectivism" philosophy and her politics?



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I spent months reading Atlas Shrugged, hating Atlas Shrugged. I thought the sexy bits of the book were written satisfactorily, as a Harlequin Romance. But her philosophy of corporate rape of the earth and her fellow citizens makes me want to puke. All in all it was one of the worst books I ever read, both for its ideas and writing style. Would I use it for date night? Definitely not. Would I see it by myself? Only if I were drunk and extremely desperate for a movie.


Clarence has 1 a.
Rand groupies are poor followers.
OK so as we move into Friday night and begin the weekend in earnest, I wanted to give a quick update in the interest of thoroughness. It appears that the movie will open on relatively few screens (about 200 nationwide). And the early reviews have been kind of brutal. The common complaints about the movie are that it lacks star power, it doesn't take time to develop characters, and the film's small budget has resulted in a rushed effort that doesn't allow for many of the novel's nuanced sub-plots and character back-stories to be explored. I'm thinking about going to see The Conspirator instead.

Atheist or no, she called homosexuality immoral and repulsive (though as a libertarian she opposed any legislation against it).  And she was a "friendly witness" for the McCarthy panels.  


Blind devotism to free market capitalism is the opposite of reason to me.  So I never bought her arguments that way


Not really a fan of Rand.  Id rather see Scream 4

I'll be seeing it. Despite her flaws and those of her philosophy, or maybe because of them, she wrote some of the most influential books of the past century, and although she was far from perfect, she wasn't close to completely wrong.

Dean, I applaud your objectivity and open-mindedness. I wonder are you a person of science, or particularly interested in philosophy as such? I personally have resolved to wait for it to be released on video. Although I am very intrigued by the film, the reviews have just been so terrible that I can't bring myself to spend my 'date night' money to see it.


And for everyone else.. Are there any Randians out there? I'd like to hear from youz guyz!!

Ayn Rand is a piece of shit and her groupies stink even worse.
Groupies follow musicians and shit don't write novels,Ralph


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