About two weeks ago Ayaan Hirsan Ali appeared on the "Point of Inquiry" Broadcast/Podcast. I've been curious about what other black freethinkers thought about her, her biography, her political views etc. At present, she seems to be the only renown black woman freethinker universally visable, with the possible exception of "closeted" Dr. Faye Wattleton who was actually techically "outed" by Norm Allen on Reginald Finley's "Infidel Guy" show back in 2007. All things considered, I guess I'm asking why there aren't more visable black women faces and voices in this movement? Some of us have the delight of discovering "jeanstake" on youtube, but she's very young and slow in emergence.

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A number of high profile secularists attend a church for "public face" or "public front", case-in-point; Dr. Robert M. Price, Barry Lynn, and last but not least, Bishop John Shelby Spong.
I'm not up to date regarding Ali's activities. Here are two older critiques of her politics:

June 1, 2006 (June 19, 2006 issue) of The Nation
The Missionary Position
Laila Lalami

A critique of female Muslim dissidents Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Irshad Manji, their generalizations about the Muslim world and infatuation with the West. Note criticisms of Ali's The Caged Virgin.

Note also Manji's web site: Muslim-refusenik.com


Absolute Infidel: The Evolution of Ayaan Hirsi Ali
by David Schafer and Michelle Koth
Published in the Humanist, January/February 2008

A good portrait of a politically bankrupt figure. My only disagreement with the authors is their attempts to positively value moderate Islam. This is not necessary in order to criticize Ali's right-wing politics.
That said, these essayists didn’t have to twist things to critique her views. It calls everything they say into question. That is what media does. It keeps you looking with skeptical eyes for the truth is out there.

Why didn’t the essayists say that the interview replies were edited? What else did they edit?
Cleaning up erroneous replies? No! This is what they wanted the reader to see/think. Again skeptical eyes see way more, but then again who was this written for? People who needed their views skewed in the first place.
I tink cos black people have been oppressed by da religion of colonialist's but ultimately women are more oppressed than men in general. Da Church is built on da crutched foundations of women who have been spoonfed sexual guilt, blamed for da Fall and been held to a higher moral standard than men. The more oppression the more repression so women are more scared to speak out. Christianity has denied them voices in da first place so it's even harder for them to use them when they want to. Da anti-theistic group I belong to The AIM is made up of very strong women and a few of us boyz but I like dat cos I always had alot of respect for women cos they go through alot of shit. They have more reason to hate religion than we do so I hope more smart brave ladies start speakin out like Miss Ali. She's a real sorted lady.




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