Black church ordains former KKK leader
Preaching racial reconciliation
BY RON JACKSON The Oklahoman Comments Comment on this article6
Published: December 27, 2009

Is this the most dumbass country in the universe, or what?

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It’s all about the money, both clary, that church, and its pastor will make off of this!
This sounds like a positive story to me. A former white supremacist did some soul searching and showed that people can change. Other people, white and non-white, may be able to learn from Minister Clary's mistakes that racial hatred is wrong. What's wrong with that?

Too the cynical people who replied to this thread, how do you know money is the primary or only motivation of the church, Minister Clary, and Bishop McKinney? Is there something you know that wasn't printed in the article?

One of my good friends from years ago told me he was a nazi skinhead when he was a teenager before we met. He's an atheist, but thats besides the point.
Your post was ignorant and paranoid. Not all atheists are prejudice, bigoted, or have a hatred towards theists. An intelligent person does not make gross generalizations and baseless allegations they cannot back up.
Larry Lawson's response is juvenile, but there remains an issue involved: it's the same brain dead illiterate and superstitious stupidity that makes both a Klansman and a white convert who finds Jesus in the black church, and the black churchgoers who now accept him. It's retarded and depressing, and disturbs me deeply that I inhabit the same society with these blithering idiots.
Without know much about Minister Clary, he may have found Jesus in a black church because of guilt for what he did or didn't do in his past.
Without of course, giving any thought to how this whole religious milieu, whether it's redneck of black, reflects a culture of spiritual, intellectual, and political poverty--a culture of provincialism, fear, and ignorance. I'm glad he reformed, but I'm still sickened.
I should have added, John P.'s response was juvenile too. But the key issue is not about money, it's about an impoverished spirit and intellect that drives people to vacillate from one form of authoritarian idiocy to another.
You could use my lack of atheist sectarianism characteristic of people who dwell in a cramped subculture.
I believe when someone starts out in attack mode; most often they have some other agenda. When you strip away, the other entire BS in this story, it becomes clear, to anyone with half a brain, it’s all about the money. Myself, as a scientist, and outspoken anti-theist; if I went into some black church and stated: I’ve seen the light – I’ve found Jebus, and it was all because of “pastor;” Well, you see where I’m going with this.

Christianity is ALL just a scheme, in getting some of pastors ignorant sheep, to depart with some of their money (were talking about 6 million members here) Juvenile? Yes, thank you. But at least, I’m not trying to create something that’s not really there – get your head out of the sand, Ralph!

The transfomation of Clary from a christian-based white supremacist to being ordained in a black majority christian pentacostal sect,the COGIC, highlights the deluded thinking of the religious in general, and the shallow and opportunistic mindset of some of the black clerical class. When Clary was a klansman his christian faith, the same that he shares with his new black friends, instructed him that all black people were cursed by god with dark skin and therefore could never share in salvation. And just like the Mormons and Saint Paul he has now seen the light and believes that black and white are all gods children. Dumbass country? yeah, we got that.
I was being a little tongue- in- cheek with the "dumbass" remark but checkout Susan Jacoby's, The Age of American Unreason, and Charles P. Pierce's, Idiot America, both books examine widespread ignorance-- not stupidity-- in large pockets of American culture today. :)
Yes indeed, religion and politics when combined make for an explosive mix as we now see with "end times" christianity and "jihadist" islam both feed at the same root of superstitious nonsense.




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