A new article by  Sikivu Hutchinson

Black Infidels: Humanism and African American Social Thought.

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Ms. Hutchinson article does a great job in explaining how deeply infected Black people are with the "virus of religion" and the irrational waiting for divine intervention to solve our earthly problems, it is all quite sad. We need an internal enlightenment to free our minds from the shackles of superstition and to be freed from the grip of black clerics, men and women, who promote this mind crippling delusion.
An excellent article. I like Steve Harvey's comedy and that's exactly where he should stay--comedy! When he ventures outside of that realm his ignorance peals and reverberates in great waves of intolerance, insipidess and plain old stupidity. I think he is harmful in promoting stunted thinking, subservience and belief in magic. Asides from the mention of Harvey, I found the rest of the article excellent even though it broke no new ground, but it said things we all need to be reminded of from time to time.
Thanks all for the link and props to Ms. Hutchinson's article. Your support of our magazine is important to us - do keep visiting!

Best Wishes,

James Croft
Assistant Editor, The New Humanism
Ms. Hutchinson is correct, until we can free ourselves from such bondage, we'll never be taken seriously as a people.




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