So much for post racial America. (see links below) Blacks can be President but are not welcomed in white churches with a white women. I bet if you informed any of the whites responsible for voting the couple out of the church that they are racist, they probably would deny that they are.



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Ok, so much for 44 years of progress in America. See Loving v. Virgina, US Supreme Court ruling on anti -miscegenation, 1967.

a tempest in a teapot, If you are Black and some white church says they dont want you there, you are a sucker  a fool and a disgrace to beg to join the "mastahs church" and as far as African blacks they are the laughing stock of the world to be praying to the very image that has kicked their ass  IN THEIR OWN HOME!!!! i am very irritated with my African brothers about their idiotic sucking up christianity  and islam too. I mean damn they are a large numerical majority in the mother land , how in the hell do you let some sob come tell you some b.s. and you go for it???


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