I am very open about the fact that I'm an Atheist.I am Assertive/borderline aggressive. I grew up in an aggressive environment so I do not fear threats. I do not back down when challenged on the subject by ANYONE, immediate family & friends included. Example.
I have a very close circle or friends in my current location who I have known since I was 14. As I stated above I am very open about it, but I have been really lucky that none of my close friends have taken offence to my recent "coming out"... Or so I thought. The closest one to me out of the group decides (not even an hour ago) to ERUPT!!!!! Now mind you this guy can kick my ass up and down the street, and I grew up fighting so I can hold my own. So even as my calm, neutral (in my opinion) questions sent him into what I am going to nicely say was a "physically aggressive" posture. I never backed down. I made my points, and in his blind almost rage... He agreed to pretty much all of my points, but is so blinded by jesus he didn't realize it.



What was your first close Family/friend, debate/argument/fight?

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Good! Religionist often believe because we don't advertise or proselytize that we have nothing say and find out too late that they came to gunfight with a knife. People feel to say anything about atheists and assume nothing will be said. That atheist disappeared years ago. However, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

True.Although I often think to myself that non-theist's have been handling religion with kid gloves for a millennium and look where it got us, but I do agree that sometimes discretion is the better option. I am young(24) and had a rough childhood, and I have been tormented by religion(southern baptist) since I was 8 years old. So that probably has alot to do with why I am usually not discrete about my views on the subject.

Most of the people I associate with outside of my family don't know I'm an atheist. It's not that I hide it. I'm not ashamed of it. I just don't bring it up with theist unless someone tries to push it on me like trying to get me to pray or something. I just tell them I don't believe in that stuff. I don't talk about it unless someone asks. I belong to several organizations that always pray before meetings, eating, etc. I'll stand up out of respect for their belief but I never bow my head and pray. I find it senseless and a waste of time debating religious people. Nothing I say will change their mind and there is nothing they can say that will change mine. I have heard it all before. Some of my family members including my wife tell me they pray for me and hope I'll except Christ in my life before I end up in hell. I Just tell them stop wasting their time. I hold no ill will towards the believers except when they try to force it on me or when they try to force it on the public like prayer in schools or during government functions. If they want to believe that's fine. Just keep it in your place of worship, your home or other private places. Probably the only time I'll get into a debate with them is when they use their religion to justify their bigotry.

I do understand where Gary is coming from. I, myself, grew up in a very aggressive community. No, we did not fight, but arguments were often intense. No one back down, even if their points are pure bullshit, and if its religion, that’s even worst. I become an Atheist, as an adult, [I was first influence through Nuwaubianism] and as I learn more and more, I stop going to church and my reasons for my unbelief  was often in my discussion on religion on the block. Religions discussion was often the norm, but atheism was never discussed, for there was no one I knew, was one. In fact, when I came out, I was the only Atheist I knew of in Grenada. From that point on, every Saturday, the Seven Day Adventist Church where I use to go will hold sermons on me, calling me the devil. I know people, friends now, that conformed they were afraid of me because they were convinced I was mad, evil, and working with the devil. That’s the community I had to live in before I came to the USA. Through all this I never gave up. I know I am on the side of truth, facts, commonsense and rationality.  For my mother, however, the only thing she ever has said to me is, and I am quoting her “son, I know I grow up an intelligent son and the decision you make; I am sure will be the right one”. She will often listen to me taking about the contradictions in the Bible, for example, and say. You know I have been thinking of these things too. They make no senses, but then pick the same bible up and heads to church! I have never tried to change her mind from accepting her belief.  

In the US, however, I am working for a nonprofit company; I haven’t been there over a year yet. However, two of the individual I immediately work with are believers and know that I am an Atheist. I fact, I often help one of them with school essays even when, all the time, it is on religious stuff. All the employees on work, however, are believers except me. In meeting, I normally standup, out of respect, when they all standup to pray, but I don’t engage in their folly. No one, however, have tried to cure me as of yet.      

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The Nuwaubians... glad you got outta that kind of thinking man. I have Nuwaubian friends and family too so I know how they can be.lol
Yeah, I had a few Nuwabian friends, lol.  They be on some wild stuff.  One called me told me not to eat red stuff.  Dr. Malachi York said the govt was putting blood in all the red products.  And then he began to talk about shape shifters and things like that.  Not that it's not possible, I suppose, but sheeesh.  They just go on what someone told 'em.  Well, I don't know if shape shifters exists, but I haven't met a one.  Anyone else?
yea I saw one the other day. :)(jk) lol I see you from columbus I used to live in outside of cleveland. Oh and if you think thats crazy(shape shifting) go listen to bobby hemmitt matta fact just google adolabroth.lol

Hi there, i just wanna say i know exactly what you mean. i went to a Nuwabian meeting once and i couldn't believe those people. i had to leave in the middle of the meeting. They got a huge table stock piled with books with pictures of the different types of aliens, and the races that live in the hollow Earth.

I mean, i know i don't know everything. And i'm also known for thinking a little outside the box but, like you said, sheeesh!

word. I was at a media & entertainment conference not to long ago met this girl(a sista) who was heavy into backpack rap like myself. Loved all the same artists, got to talking found out we were pretty compatible...Until I said the word atheist. She cut me off quicker than a gangrenous leg.lol
I had to google backpack rap. It seems like it's old school rap with a more modern beat.

LOL- I had to google it as well!!! As for rap, grew up on and still love 90's rap. Today's rap is trash. A few catchy tracks come out every so often, but I don't take them seriously. I currently love Lupe Fiasco's track, "I'm Beaming".


Gary, James, and the rest of my atheist brothas, us atheist sista's are out there. I will admit though, that we are a very rare breed these days.




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