I've noticed that a large number of you were religious at some point at your life, but at some point saw the light (or lack of it) and decided that no just and loving God presides over this wicked world (excuse my gloominess lol). I declared myself an Atheist around April 2010, but have not yet come out to my family and most of my friends. This is not out of fear but the embarassing fact that I still live at home and am slightly dependent on my parents. However, that will no longer be the case come this December and as a result I plan to make my confession around this time. I would like you all to share your stories of coming out to your family about abandoning your belief in fairies, umm... I mean God and turning to reason. Have you been rejected by former friends and/or family members just because you don't share their beliefs?

Thanks for taking the time to read, I'm looking forward to your replies. :)


Albert L. Terry, III

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Why do you need to make an announcement about not believing in something fictitious? I don't believe in several fictitious things, but I've never made a public announcement about it. To have to prepare yourself to make such an announcement is putting religion on a level it doesn't deserve. Imagine preparing to tell everyone you don't believe in Big Foot. They will find out I don't believe when I do not take part in their activities, or when I vote against their silly ideas. Instead of making an announcement, make a commitment, to being who you are, and standing up for what you believe and rejecting what you don't.

Now if you want to promote freethought, and get others to question their beliefs, then by all means, do that.

Good point Thomas! They'll find out sooner or later, it is on my facebook. I also feel it'll be better for them to think that I'm Christian so when they find out they'll realize that I do still have morals, that I'm still the same person I was... just not a superstitious loon anymore.


Being the smartass that I am, I love making people doubt themselves. I've been dying for the chance to have a debate with one of those walking mental illness ads that just stop you like have nothing to do and try to save you.


Thanks for the advice,

Albert L. Terry, III

Good luck to you too if you decide to come out to your family, but please don't think of this as a phase. You have left religion behind, just as you did Santa Claus as a child, and have turned to reason. You realize that science is the key to understanding life, not some book written by men millenia ago (and chopped and altered over the years to remove the inconsistencies). You have chosen that you don't fear the unknown and that "God did it" is not a logical answer to the world's questions. This is not a phase, this is growing. This is putting faith behind you and opening yourself to knowledge. Even though you may question or even feel intimidated, you are a very strong person for taking that step forward and saying "I don't believe in God!" I don't know you of course but I can truly say I'm proud of you! :) Ok I'm done preaching now lol



Albert L. Terry, III

Presenting evidence of how ridiculous belief is to the hard core theist is a waste of time. They just believe it's the devil trying to break their faith. My wife, a Baptist that rarely attends church just flat out refuse to read anything I show her in regards to how Christianity is nothing but old fables from a time that people didn't know any better. So those whose life is completely based on faith will never in most cases even consider the fact that they may be wrong. Of course there are exceptions of even evangelical preachers who come around to reality.

"Presenting evidence of how ridiculous belief is to the hard core theist is a waste of time. They just believe it's the devil trying to break their faith."

I couldn't agree more!!!

Yeah, I like how that's a "get out of jail free" card. Anytime you take it to far with reasonableness, they can always say the devil is trying to trick them.
Yep! It's usually said during a time where someone else has revealed a contradiction within their (the believer's) argument/ "logic".
"and decided that no just and loving God presides over this wicked world"

I would caution you against basing the crux of your atheism on the idea that you think the world is wicked.  Would you feel differently if you thought the world were beautiful?
Well it's not exactly the crux of my Atheism; in retrospect it was a poor choice of words. The crux of my Atheism is really based around many things, but we'll start with the Bible. The Bible is rife with contradictions and hypocrisy, not to mention ridiculous claims of magical happenings that have been proven wrong beyond a reasonable doubt. Also feeding my lack of faith is my issue with the word faith itself. Faith is confidence in a claim as truth without evidence supporting that claim, or despite evidence of the contrary. Dinosaur fossils, carbon dating, vestigial structures, DNA sequencing of primates among other things have proven creationism wrong, yet people cling to religions (I mean the monotheistic ones, I'm most familiar with them) created millenia ago in an age when this knowledge was not available. I could go on but I would likely die of thirst before I finish this list.

Hey Albert! I formally came out to my very good friends, however, all but one were not surprised as I was never very religious to begin with (I dismissed Christianity at age 8, and am now 25). The one friend who was surprised couldn't understand how I (or anyone else) could be an atheist. We had a light-hearted debate covering the basic points- lack of proof, inconsistencies within the bible, and the concept of prayer/ "talking to God," but at the end we simply agreed to disagree without harboring any negative feelings towards one another.


Although I have not formally come out to my family, I have shared many harsh opinions about religion with them in person and on Facebook. My parents are very religious and faith is the foundation of their logic and guidance. Thus, I usually ignore their praises to the Lord for putting food on the table or bite my tongue when they “keep the faith” during difficult times. However, this past Sunday was my breaking point. My mother and I were watching the news when the issue of same-sex marriage getting legalized in NY arose (it’s currently a hot topic here). We debated the issue for a while in terms of separation between church and state, then she referenced Adam and Eve. I sharply told her that humankind did not begin from an Adam nor an Eve (I absolutely DETEST that story). Immediately, the conversation was over. Though and my points were discarded, she did not reject me at all; we’ve been able to completely move on. I may have been rejected by a few people on Facebook since I never hear a word from them, but I couldn’t care less, it’s just Facebook. Good luck to you!

Thanks Carolyn, it turns out I don't need that good luck though. It would appear that the word has leaked out to my father at least; we had a talk about his own doubts and whatnot, but he never asked me specifically about my Atheism. But I assume he knows and he's perfectly fine with it! Thus far, none of my friends have reacted negatively either so it's going really well for me. I'm shocked to say the least, I live in Alabama where churches are about a mile apart on average.


But as far as you and your mother's debate about gay marriage, you should suggest that she take, as a Christian, should take Jesus' position on homosexuality... by not saying a word about it. No disrespect meant, of course.

Churches are a mile apart? You most live in a rural area. In the Black comminutes near me in New Jersey there are churches damn near on every block. More than one church on some blocks. Many are little store front churches but many others are large churches. Some are over a hundred years old. They are not as prevalent in the white communities but they don't half step either.




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