I've noticed that a large number of you were religious at some point at your life, but at some point saw the light (or lack of it) and decided that no just and loving God presides over this wicked world (excuse my gloominess lol). I declared myself an Atheist around April 2010, but have not yet come out to my family and most of my friends. This is not out of fear but the embarassing fact that I still live at home and am slightly dependent on my parents. However, that will no longer be the case come this December and as a result I plan to make my confession around this time. I would like you all to share your stories of coming out to your family about abandoning your belief in fairies, umm... I mean God and turning to reason. Have you been rejected by former friends and/or family members just because you don't share their beliefs?

Thanks for taking the time to read, I'm looking forward to your replies. :)


Albert L. Terry, III

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I was debating on going to school (2007) to get my doctorate in African studies and religion. For some strange reason (before spending all that money) I decide to do research on why other religions do not like Christianity and whether or not their claims were valid. Why did I do that, then once I decide to study ancient African history I had seen promise land :) so finally after two years of hard core research I could not in good faith teach a LIE.  What surprised me more then anything was not what Europeans, Arabs, Jews, and Asians did to us, but our (Africans, African Americans, and African Islanders) lack of knowledge and lack of desire to learn the truth out JESUS/ Christianity

Hi, I'm glad you posted this topic, because it's one I've been thinking alot about for myself. I've been disenchanted with my faith for a long time, and have recently begun finding more about atheism. I was raised by baptists and Catholics. I really didn't know what terms like atheism and agnosticism meant. I stumbled upon the Christopher Hitchens - Al Sharpton debate, and it was over for me. By profession and nature, I became an intrepid researcher on all things non-religion, free thinking, secular humanist, etc. I thought of myself as an agnostic for about five seconds when I realized that I've been an atheist since I was a kid; I just didn't know what to call it or how to admit it to myself. 


Mostly everyone around me assumes my beliefs haven't changed. I continue to participate in family prayers because it feels good to me; it's our cultural tradition and I know it makes them feel good that we are all together. Do any of you think that's an excuse to avoid letting them know I'm not actually praying? I just don't see why it's important to tell people what I do or do not believe, unless they ask me.  My mother is quite ill and at times we've held hands together in prayer. Again, I know it gives my mother great comfort to see me do this. It makes me feel like good; like a big family hug. But I'm not secretly hoping she'll see Jesus when she dies. I don't think God will magically relieve her from her pain. She knows how I feel about religion, but she's in denial about my beliefs. And I'm ok with that. Personally, I think honesty is overrated. I don't think most people really care about other people's thoughts and beliefs. They just want to know that others aren't going to cause problems for them. Fortunately my family is not very evangelical; in fact; we tend to be a very private family within ourselves. Am I missing something? Does this make sense to anyone outside of my own head?

It makes perfect sense Beckie. Only a few days after I wrote this discussion, the word leaked out to my parents (I question how long they've suspected; my mother found a copy of god Is Not Great in my room over a year ago) that I was an Atheist, I had neglected to tell them up to that point because I feared that they wouldn't be able to handle it. My grandmother, who is the most Christian person I know, still doesn't know for just that reason. She hasn't asked me and my parents apparently have decided not to tell her, so I just go on letting her assume that I'm still Christian. Someone of her conviction wouldn't be able to emotionally handle the thought of her beloved eldest grandchild burning in Hell.




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