. . . for winning Second Prize in today's Robert Ingersoll Oratory contest in Washington DC. Unfortunately, I arrived over an hour late and missed all the winning performances, including hers. From the little I saw, it was a superb event and I should kick my own ass for missing most of it.

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I wonder if anyone shot any video?
There were a lot of photos taken, which I imagine will end up on the web. Oddly, I don't recall about video cameras. A lot of digital cameras these days do video. I'll check and see if there's info on the CFI web site.
Thanks. I suppose I could have done that too, if I had engaged my brain.
I don't see anything on the CFI site or their Facebook page, but you could email the DC branch to enquire:

Congratulations to Jemila. It is on Youtube. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjgCZkcY730&feature=sub
Thanks Black Socrates.

Congratulations, Jemila!




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