Hello fellow black freethinkers,


For the past 18 months I have been blogging about freethought, politics, law, and humanism. One of the biggest parts of my blog has been explicit discussions of race, and drawing parallels between the issues facing atheists and those facing black folks. I've also made a point of encouraging a skeptic approach to claims about race, and bringing anti-racist thought under the banner of skepticism.


I guess I did a pretty good job, because I was recently invited to join the blogging collective FreeThoughtBlogs. On this collective are names like PZ Myers, Greta Christina, Jen McCreight (BlagHag), The Atheist Experience, and many many others. Mine is the only blog that is explicitly focussed on race and race issues. I am also (for the time being) the only person of colour blogging at FTB.


Anyway I am writing this to invite you to join the conversation over at http://freethoughtblogs/crommunist and offer your contributions. If any of you know of/frequent other freethinking blogs that are written by PoCs or explicitly discuss race issues, please let me know so that I can try to direct some traffic their way.

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My apologies for the broken link. The Crommunist Manifesto can be reached by clicking here.
Congrats. I'll check it out and add you to my web guide.
Congratulations, I now have a additional source of reading material too.




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