African Americans Non-Religious
Day of Solidarity

Purpose: An annual gathering in each city in the United States to promote solidarity amongst blacks in America that choose not to participate or adhere to a lifestyle influenced by religious dogma and irrationality. The gathering will serve to encourage fellowship, a humanistic outlook to assist in eliminating all types of human oppression and exploitation, and preservation of the environment. The gathering will take place each year on the 4th Sunday in February, Black History Month, and will continue until religion is no longer a dominant voice of American consciousness, especially in the black community.

The idea for this proposal is the thought that a special effort should be given to assemble black non-believers (atheists, agnostics, humanists, etc.,) in our local towns and cities to establish personal relationships without enduring expensive travel arrangements. It can be lonely amongst all this god worshipping and come to Jesus hysteria. I am still looking for more like minded blacks here in Houston.

I would appreciate your comments but if you think this could be beneficial try planning a gathering in your area. Religion is not the answer as most of us have discovered. Our community needs to hear our voices loud and precise.

For info on the event in Houston, TX on Feb. 27th contact me at


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A day of solidarity would certainly be a change. Although most would never admit it, but judging from behavior a good portion of black men are defacto nonbelievers in that they don't attend church and do not like to be reminded of it.
The gathering is to build solidarity and greate fellowship among black non-believers in the local area. It is not just for black men.




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