The Dallas/Fort Worth Coalition of Reason (DFWCoR), an umbrella organization supporting local grassroots secular organizations, today announced the formation of a Diversity Council to recruit minority nonbelievers and raise awareness of existing diversity in the “New Atheist” movement.

“Since the days of Frederick Douglass, atheists of color have been a vital if often overlooked part of America’s secular heritage,” said Zachary Moore, Coordinator of the DFWCoR. “But today, though prominent celebrities like Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas openly question the existence of God, atheists of color and those within the LGBT community may not realize that local secular groups are available and seeking to increase their diversity.

Alix Jules, Assistant Coordinator of the DFWCoR, will serve as Chair of the Diversity Council. “Our purpose is to help secular individuals from different backgrounds know that they’re not alone,” Jules noted. “The mainstream secular movement appears homogenous, but we know that’s not the case.” The Diversity Council website features profiles from prominent grassroots and nationally-known secular activists, such as author and former Baptist deacon Donald Wright, journalist and comedian Jamila Bey, and blogger Hemant Mehta, of the website and author of “I Sold My Soul On eBay.”

Atheists of color and within the LGBT community are encouraged to visit the Diversity Council’s website at for more information.

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Awesome! The good thing about this new council is that diversity is a positive value which makes sense for any movement to have. There's no need to justify it as 'politically correct', because it need not (should not) be about politics, but about maintaining the robustness and vibrancy of a community/organization.

Remember, the opposite of diversity is conformity.

By the way, Reginald Finley, of The Infidel Guy Show, is also a great advocate of reason who happens to be "America's Most Dangerous Black Atheist," according to Landover Baptist Church. ;-)




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