Over the years I've watched America's preoccupation with sex. Plenty of ink and air time is devoted to it, but it seems we have not moved much past the Puritans when it comes to sex. We can kill thousands of innocent people in the various wars we stay involved with and doesn't seem to bother a soul, but Janet Jackson's titty sent Americans into a tailspin. I glimpsed said titty and there just wasn't anything to see unless you had fast eyes. Changing the meaning of forcible rape (redundant), stopping abortion and killing Planned Parenthood are not aberrations. What is wrong with these folks when opposition to sex beats out killing or for that matter, the jobs we so desperately need?

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Fuck social conservatives.  Bastards are nothing but reactionary idiots that want to control the lives of others based on tradition and religious precepts.
And yes, we had it.  Just the American public is too apathetic to keep the rights they gained.

People, atheists included, generally believe "families" and "procreation" are "good", and also generally believe free sex and procreation-love-free-sex are "wrong", ok, less good. So the sexual revolution was only a partial success because it did not reach fundamental values. When theists demonstrate that style of thinking, it does not surprise me. However, atheists who reject only God but don't reject the values that came along with godliness are missing a huge point. To reject God with intellectual honesty, means to also reject god's teachings. Until we reject religious values en masse (as opposed to single issues such as equal marriage rights for gays) we will continue on our destructive sexual path. A true sexual revolution would destroy the institution of marriage entirely, among many other institutions, and substitute it a child-care contract.



This has nothing to do with the post, BUT what is happening in Wisconsin warms my activistr heart! I haven't seen Americans do a damn thing since the Civil Rights and Vietnam era. I was here for the sexual revolution and, yet, Americans are watching the biggest hypocrites in America stick it to them without even Vaseline.

I'm glad the protest went well for you guys.  Living in San Antonio and only being 26 years old, I've yet to see a large protest and be self aware during it (my parents were in the military in West Germany during the Cold War and decided to take me to see the Berlin Wall being tore down.)  I really should move to Austin one day.
I love Austin. It's what the rest of Texas should be. We are wrapped a little to tight in Dallas.
You are right. You have to drop it all!


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