Do you feel like you are meant to do something BIG with your life?

I went to school got a good education, now have a "decent" job and a family. But with all this I still feel unfulfilled.....

There is this lingering though in my head that I am meant to achieve something great before I die. This may be a popular though amongst many people and may not be unique to me but still I think there is something different about me. I am not interested in being rich, neither am I interested in fame or any relating status.

I have not figured out exactly what will be my grand feat but there are many social ills that irks the shit out of me amongst which are children starvation, environmental pollution and the predefined limits that are placed on some people's lives. Hopefully i can muster up the courage one day to start something.

Is it just me or is it an atheist thing that causes me to think like this? Give me your feedback

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Its not that I feel something is missing, rather I think I'm meant to be doing something totally different. I wanna have an effect on humanity, do something that makes it better for everyone. But right now I am forcefully restrained by the 9-5 phenomenon which I'm trying to break free of, after which I can dedicate my sole effort to advocating a cause.
It's not an atheist thing at all. There are hundreds, probably thousands of thoroughly insipid atheists out there. It may stem from the feeling of being different, but there are many ways of being different. This feeling is not particularly religious, either. It may be a by-product of a penchant for reflectiveness not generally distributed in the population at large. I've been there.
I am reminded of something Thomas Paine once said:
"To be happy in old age it is necessary that we accustom ourselves to objects that can accompany the mind all the way through life"
I LOOOVE THIS QUESTION!!! I suppose it is inspiring to know others still aspire to do something great. I am an educator and it makes me feel all warm and giggly inside. So excuse my ranting and raving. You are right that you are meant to achieve something great. So there, you no longer need to question it. However, what is great should be defined by you, your passion, and your convictions (not by the standards of others). Picasso, Julius Augustus Ceasar, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King achieved a level of greatness accepted by our societies, but they defined it for themselves. Most of the greats we know about were not appreciated in their lifetime. It was only upon later examination did people fully understand what they had achieved. Greatness is relative. It is contextual, limited by cultural and personal perceptions. Don't limit yourself to others ideas of greatness. There were many great men in history whose stories never reached the right ears and so are not a part of history. Perhaps many of these stories surpass the level of greatness we are familiar with. I am often left wondering if we use Einstein as the bar for intelligence, how will anyone ever be allowed to surpass it? We so often use the achievement of some to regulate the abilities of all. Was Einstein the only person to ever reach that level of intellect? Will there never be anyone who can obtain or surpass him? As long as we believe it, there won’t be any higher level accepted or available. There will never be room to surpass him or any place to safely grow such intelligence. I frequently wonder how many times the cure for cancer or HIV has come to this earth only to be buried because it is locked in the mind of child in the ghettos of this world or someplace where we cannot perceive greatness coming from. However, if you let your own passion and values guide you, you can reach the highest level of your potential. Though, there are many philosophies on the greatness of leaders, this is the one I use.
Please do not wait for permission or acknowledgment from others to accept what you believe you were meant to do. People often limit others success and intellect by their own personal limitations: our lack of understanding of higher level thinking; limited perception of what intelligence is; and our limited ability to identify intelligence beyond our own. People can rarely see your potential and abilities surpassing theirs. In one form or another, greatness tends to follow the path of leadership. Greatness in part is about inspiring others to greatness or to reach for more and access their potential. I would strongly suggest that you study leadership philosophies and practices. The Fifth Discipline, Transforming Leadership, Leadership is an Art, True North, A Leader's Companion are common reads but there are so many others. I know what you mean by mustering up the courage, it is not easy. But you don't have to be brave, you just have to be crazy enough to keep putting one foot in front of the other, lol. I look forward to hearing great things about you in the future! Even if you just post them here. You have earned yourself at least one cheerleader. Naomi
@Naomi: Thanks for your words of advice. I will continue to be different because that is me, my friends think I'm weird and that is just me, I like being different in the way i view life and our purpose on earth.

"A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.” I found this quote and I truly believe in it. When I talk to most people they say I'm ungrateful and and should be thankful that I have a job. But they dont understand how empty I feel inside. Its not that I hate working just that I hate working just for monetary gain. At the end of the month when i get my pay stub it feels good, but I never did anything to change the world or to make another person's life easier.

I am thinking of starting a freethinkers association in Jamaica but I know this will not go down well with the populace. But i know there are many persons in Jamaica like me who wants a voice and to know that they are not crazy. If i can get something like this going I would feel fulfilled knowing I gave some persons a chance to be accepted for who they are and not be forced to conform.



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