How has religion harmed the black community? Has it helped? Or, it it a mixed blessing? I've been looking into this questions for more than three years and have come up with some answers that I will soon publish, but I haven't done research through any individuals and I think the project needs it for completeness. So far, I've completed research on the ineffectiveness of religion in changing behavior and I've attached part of it for your perusal. Again, how has religion harmed the black community world-wide?

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Thanks, I'm heading that direction ASAP!

Your facts and figures regarding abortion and religiosity form an impressive part of an argument not presented in this brief excerpt. One can see there is a disconnect between belief and behavior.

I would qualify your question by flexing the tenses. You begin by asking how religion has harmed the black community. It certainly has. Then, has it helped? Then, is it a mixed blessing? But whatever it was, it was an adaptation to social circumstances, that in my view is now only maladaptive. So one might say, religion was a mixed blessing, and now it is harmful only.
So one might say, religion was a mixed blessing, and now it is harmful only.

Eloquent and concise.
Agreed! I believe atheists have no choice in being atheists. Rational though won't allow any other stance.

As sociology, history, biology, and philosophy, this is all intellectually shameful. But one indeed can only go so far in spreading atheism; one must attack the social conditions that create the mentalities and social behavior we find objectionable. And this has nothing to do with balance, natural evolution, yin-yang, or similar metaphysical concepts. However, the atheist movement has been remiss in a full-on sociological and historical investigation of rationality and irrationality in society as a whole. The exclusive focus on religion harkens back to the social critique of the 18th century, ignoring two subsequent centuries of ideology critique and social theory. The atheist movement is rather philosophically childish. Can black atheism do better, or is it going to simply regurgitate the half-baked views of society already circulating in the atheist subculture?
That's pretty much my assessment, but putting it into words along with statistics or case studies is my problem.

Thanks. I'm trying to adjust too much information. FInding the information on behavior and belief was relatively easy as the evidence is everywhere, but specifics about "black religion" are more difficult to quantify.





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