"Five Reasons I Hate Dating Christians" by Stuart McDonald November 6,

Unfortunately, these are all stupid reasons, written by a Christian who only dates Christians. I'll bet you folks could come up with a myriad of reasons you hate dating Christians.

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Hello I am Zhiyah(Alfreda)
The five reasons I came up with is:
1) They intend to lie more then Atheist men.
2) They are more likly to go to jail;then atheist men.
3) The lack romance and is highly imaginative.
4) They try to convert you to their belief.
5) They are not as intellegnt and realistic then Aheist men.
I'm finding that xtians, women and men alike, immediately ask one about 'what church you attend'?, 'have you accepted the lord in your life'?, 'are you saved'? and after that bit of interrogation with a beatific smile on their faces(ugh!) they use the annoying catch phrase, when referring to themselves, as being 'blessed'. It is hard to continue a conversation when placed in that absurd situation.For me, a non-theist, that is a deal breaker.
I haven't dated in about 18 years. I am happily married to a wonderful agnostic.

If I had to date again, just the other person being a Christian would be a deal breaker. As a friend, Ok. As some one to be intimate with, nope. I just couldn't have any respect for them. I suppose that makes me a bigot, but I really do find Christian men so so very boring.
First--I'm married and out of the dating game and in may ways--I'm glad! (STDs, Condoms, etc.) However, I have unmarried nieces and a sister. After listening to their "Christian" conversations here are some reasons I wouldn't date some of them. I didn't say all, because I am a man and I'll date any pretty woman once and for all the wrong reasons, but getting back to Christian women, here are my reasons:

1--Second place to Jesus is a position I can do without
2--Too much talk about church magic and biblical bullshit
3--Can't stand the "thank you Jesus" and "praise God" while I'm ballin'
4--Always asking what church I attend and then not liking my answer
5--Don't like the explaining away hypocricy while we get "messed up," "dirty dance" or "watch porno"
6--I don't like being told I'm wrong without examination of my position
7--I don't need your prayers
8--They never tell me when someone good is at the church like BeBe and CeCe Wynans or Kirk Franklin is in town (I do sneak into church for a good show)
9--Many of the women tend not think outside of the box
10--Religious talk is not my idea of a meaningful conversation
11--Screwin' and marriage--two different things!
12--Too critical of others not in the faith, even fellow Christians

Shall I go on? Okay!

13--Too critical of my bad habits, of course the mote in their eye is overlooked
14--Never want to get freaky, except when they get freaky and then do an "Steve Urkel" (did I do that?)
15--Pray rather than do

Okay--that's enough!
1) Nobody can curse you out like a child of God
2) They "call those things that be not as if they were" --i.e. lie
3) They take it personal when you're not as gullible as they are..
4) They pay tithe like it was a utility bill and pay utilities like it was tithe -- 10% at a time
5) They can't appreciate any accomplishment unless its religious oriented.
Hello folks, top five on my mind at this moment;

1. "Pastor said...", f*** pastor.
2.They can be enduring economic hardship and will still give their money to some opulent clown in an ugly a** suit.
3.They carry around a "Get Out of Hell Free" card, which often creates an individual devoid of true human morality.
4.The arrogance of a person believing their way is the only way.
5.Being so ignorant of the history of something which they have so deeply invested into.
Let me take a crack at it too:

1. Being asked "What kind of black man doesn't believe in Jesus?";
2. Being threatened that "God wants her to be equally yoked with her man (in other words, convert or die- in a relationship sense that is)";
3. Being asked to lie about my non-theism if asked whether I'm "saved";
4. Being asked to pray before meals as a way of making me "talk to God"?
5. Being in a relationship with someone who believes that the Adam and Eve myth tells us everything we need to know about human origins, but who believes that the theory of evolution has to many gaps too be trusted.

Just thinking over my relationships- all but one have been with Christians- makes me want to vomit.
@ Aly Elle - Amen, praise de good lawd!! Well said.
Amen, Pat Rice.


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