God's track record in making mistakes is long. Perhaps, the biggest happened early in his creative endeavors when he destroyed the world because his people were having a good time and ignoring him. Who needed the bother? He didn't get it right in first attempt. Thus, the flood.I would call that a major error, one that most Christians ignore. Of course, I'm leading up to something and it is the number of posts saying "God Doesn't Make Mistakes" that hit my time line in any given week. Fiinally, I decided to give my Facebook "friends," including relatives my look at God's tally. Since they are able to overlook their own "biblical" facts. (It's in their book) I decided to point it out to them along with a few other things. First, I just quoted a few lines from "All God's Mistakes" by Charles L. Bosk, which is piece of research dealing with birth anomalies from the stand point of the bearer of bad news. Speaking of his research, Bosk details the often difficult decisions that confront parents of newborns suffering genetic birth defects. While investigating the emotional as well as professional aspects of life altering circumstances, Bosk provides excellent technical discussion of prenatal diagnosis and early detection of diseases like spina bifida, sickle-cell and hemophilia.Then I included this photo:

I was unfriended immediately by those so called friends that sent me their shit in the first place. Some included family members. Was I too blunt?

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You weren't blunt, but they can't stand it when you're right.

....people simply do not want to "believe" that when you die...that's it...humans have never come to terms with death....

Man is so built that he cannot imagine his own death. This leads to endless invention of religions.
-- Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

Years ago I had a part time job driving a small school bus for handicapped children. The school was one of several run by the State of New Jersey. There was one in most Counties. The kids in no way were as severely handicapped as those in the pictures. The severeness of their handicaps varied greatly. Some had physical handicaps, some mental and others were both. But all of them needed special attention they could not receive at a regular public school. Before I had that job, which was less than a year, I didn't realize just how many children were born severely handicapped. And there are many more whose families choose not to send their kids to the center. How anyone who deals with those kids cannot even question the existence of a god amazes me. I often heard some of the workers say that they are god's special children. It doesn't make much sense but I guess that is how they rationalize it in their minds. I was an Atheist long before my short employment there, but I think if I wasn't that may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. BTW, many of those kids don't live to adulthood. My other pet peeve is how can people not question that a powerful and loving god can let young children die from cancer and other painful diseases? Why aren't prayers answered to save those children? I'm being rhetorical now but you get the point.

You've hit a sore spot for me. My little niece was born with a tumor. She died at five-years-old. Obviously, that event changed many including me. I stayed where I was and my family went to Jebus

I first saw that picture years ago. It broke my heart and I guess it did so with millions of others. Though a tragic situation it's not what it's seems. The picture was taken by a photographer by the name of Kevin Carter. Kevin committed suicide a couple months afterwards. See link.


Pat, it just amazes me how they let the one person that supposedly could help. The closest I've heard was a nasty Tweet from wide receiver Stevie Johnson who openly blamed God for his failure to hold on to the winning touchdown pass. I've heard others during times of bereavement but even in those cases God is slicker than boiled okra. They tell me that God works in mysterious ways. In my opinion, he doesn't work at all.

" God works in mysterious ways". That is always their cop out when they can't explain why a loving God would allow so many horrible things to happen. Nine people shot dead in a church while praying. The response is a call for more praying. Really? If praying didn't help those poor folks from being shot down like dogs what is praying after the fact supposed to accomplish? 

Eddie--An excellent if sad example! In the house of the Lord and no protection is available. He only shows up for the awards shows, where he receives credit for another list of things he didn't do but is willing to take the credit.




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