When I used to pass by his temple at Washington Heights every day some years ago, I asked myself: I haven't heard from from this asshole for years. What is he doing? The last sighting I recall is seeing him on the Phil Donahue show in the early '80s preaching "the green and the gold."

If only there were a hell so he could burn in it now.

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I used to work next to a Jamaican woman who didn't have two brain cells to rub together. She had a picture of Jimmy Swaggart up on her cubicle. She was normally quite stingy with her money, but she told me she sent him money even though's he's "feelty rich" because she was brought up to give money to the "choorch". She also loved going to boxing matches because she loved to see the blood, and she read tabloids like the National Enquirer believing it was real news. She told me all this with vacant wide-eyed innocence. It's one more reason I don't miss Baltimore.
His "ministry" was a good argument for churches being taxed.
Actually, I liked Rev. Ike, not because of anything he said, but because he was a conspicuous example of what is wrong with religion--greed, but he didn't lie about it. He didn't say send your money to Jesus, he said "send it to me." As soon as I see a television preacher, my thoughts say "another thief. I know not everyone is stealing in the name of the Lord, but watching preachers in $2,000 suits tells me someone is tipping the collection plate and doing an excellent of keeping the congregation on its knees--in the doggy position.
He was right about one thing. God is a capitalist.
Is that why religious music sounds so secular? Or secular music sound so religious?
In his previous diatribes, he had said that "Jesus" was a capitalist. Which Jesus? The mushroom-buzzed spook of faith, or the invented freak of pseudo-history?
Did Rev. Ike die this week? HOT MATA HAUNCIN' DAWG!!!! Only Ralph, we who both understand that there is no hell; Well..., WORMS DO YOUR DUTY!!!
Ralph, he'd recently been on BET on early mornings boosting up and comming fleece freak E. Bernard ("Master Prophet") Jordan.
That was some hairdo. That alone could not make me take this man seriously.

I remember Reverend Ike jokes in circulation when I was a kid growing up in the 70's and 80's, but I can't say that I actually heard the man actually speak such foul nonsense. Really is sad how these people continue to take advantage of the poor and uneducated and get tax exempt status to boot. Their followers are hoping for something to get them out of their misery. This human offal (cannot think of a word strong enough for the Swaggarts, Falwells, Dollars and Ikes of the world) deserve as much post mortem derision as can be mounted against them when their time is up. To hell with that 'not speaking ill of the dead' nonsense. Makes me angry to think of poor old ladies sending off even a penny of thier social security checks to this man and others like him.

Good riddance. Actually I'm all for mounting derisive attacks while they live too. Why wait?!


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