Help, we want to show more culturally expansive films at our film festival this fall. What are the best films for connecting with black/hispanic/asian communities that advance values of freethought, reason, science, humanism, atheism, etc? We want to build bridges and there is a point where it is obvious that almost all the films that pertain to these topics (mostly documentaries) have experts or actors who are white.  While I don't care what package a person comes in, I do believe it is much more inviting when there are a variety of complexions and cultural backgrounds for the audience to experience. Any film suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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sorry I meant to include native americans and first people cultures... and also I know this is the black freethought forum so sorry if some of this is outside of your topics. I hope my intention for more inclusion came across as that is my hope and desire. Any films that might have appeal for the freethought african american community would be awesome. thanks.

Ha, I think we just don't know of any...

I'm going to ask some other people I know who might have some answers.  If I hear anything, I'll let you know!

thank you Debbie, appreciate it! They can be of any type - drama, doc, animation...


Tall order! I enjoyed the film Super Nova but while there were no religious themes it did give multiethnic multiorientation insights into human nature; in it's own science fiction secular fashion.
One remote possibility would be documentaries of famous black people known to be freethinkers in which their views on religion would be mentioned. Can't think of any though. I've seen documentaries on Richard Wright, James Baldwin, et al, but I can't thing of one that mentions their antireligious perspective.

Hi Sherry,

D. Eric Harmon has a DVD that might be of some use, it's entitled "Bondage and The Bible" Copyright 2008, I hope this helps. Rob H. 




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