Holding Their Breath
Looking about the family page I noticed that one of the flock is having some difficulty. They are probably glad for the outpouring of support they’ve received so far. I’ve followed the posts carefully until I just couldn’t take it any more. Let me be specific.

"XXXX, Put it in God's hands. Hang in there girlfriend!"

"Hi XXXX. "Be brave. Be strong. Don't Give Up. Expect God to get here soon." Psalm 31:24 (The Message)"

"XXXX just remember not to lean on our own understanding but HIS."

"1Sam 12:16........stand and see this great thing which the Lord will do before your eyes..."

"If god has brought you to it...... God will bring you through it.... Hang in there XXXX!!!!!"

Before I go to the rant, I went to the telephone, had a conversation and then went to Western Union. I also got a cousin involved that lives in the same before I sent this to a few select individuals (family).

Now! These people are related to me and it pisses me off that they come up with such inane platitudes and Biblical advice. Wait! That’s what white folks told us during the Civil Rights Movement. Our own folks told us the same. Wait turned into weight that dragged some of us to trees that sprouted strange fruit. Wait! If Paul and Peter had been holding their breath waiting on Jesus to return, even as mythical characters, they’d still be dead and stinking.

To me waiting for God is like praying. Recently the President caught much grief from the Religious Right for not supporting National Prayer Day. Whatever his reasons, to me, it was the right thing to do. My deceased mother-in-law had a saying, “Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.” Raw, and to the point. Groups of nonbelievers and freethinkers donated blood and if only one person made it to the Blood Bank that day, that individual did more to help than the millions of prayers that floated away in the ether.

For an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient being, God has been omni-absent since man learned to document experiences and others began to evaluate those scribblings. In fact, both he and Jesus have been remiss in returning their calls. Personally, I think they were “down-sized” long ago and even the sign at corporate headquarters fell into the dust centuries ago because of no maintenance.

Thank you for letting me ramble, but for some reason such advice rakes my nerves like nails on a blackboard.


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An eloquent testimony.
I probably pissed off my relatives--but enough is a damn nuff!
It sure seems that way to me. Now that we ask for proof, the God of the Old Testament has disappeared.
Oooo--that last one is probably one of my fire starters. I am sick to death of people saying "thank you" because they only lost one, leg or arm. Or that "God is great" when all the members of the family weren't killed. Seems to me an Omni-0everything God would have forseen the disasters and stopped them--I don't have much use for powerless gods or for that matter, ones that don't coime to work.
Yes, or he would re-sprout the lost limb!
You got it. I believe in moving. There is a popular gospel song called "Stand Still," which advises listeners to let God do the work. I'm not sure if that is the correct title, but his attendance record is dismal and I haven't seen a note from his mom saying the dog ate his homework.
Thanks for replying. Been gone awhile, but my sentiments haven't changed. Shirley Caesar has a gospel song entitled "Stand Still," that basically says wait on God. I like the song for its music and feeling, but it's more bad advice. When the bullets starts chasing, it's time to get your ass in gear.

I just can't bring myself to spout those platitudes when friends are having difficulties. I get strange looks. I ask if there is anything I could do to HELP them!
To me that is a sincere response and helpful!
That's my best reply also. Can I help? That says it all for me.

Richard Dawkins describes the Great Prayer Experiment in his book "the God Delusion"- a must read!!
Basically prayers did not help the sick heal. It is actually quite funny the way the religious responded to the bad outcome.
On the family note, I have realized that sometimes it is necessary to assert oneself. "Mom, you better make it clear to anyone you like that is religious and wants to talk to me, it wont be pretty, I am not going to let them even try to prove themselves right, I will go nuts, because I know that I am right." Then my mom, who is equally vocal but afraid of being the mother of the thing that ruined the gathering, agrees and screens idiots.
Except my grandparents. When they say stuff like that, I GENTLY correct them and put the power of the miracle back into their hands, cuz they made it happen. I make them feel like the god they are praising. It's actually a cool trick that works well on women and expecially the uneducated ones. Interesting eh?
Read the God Delusion and loved it. I certainly believe in allowing all people their particular beliefs and passions, but the line is crossed when what they believe leaks into my territory, pleasure or ability to enjoy life. If you are religious--go to church. If you must pray--go to your secret closet as Jesus says in the Bible. If you feel the urge to tell someone about god--don't! However, if you feel the need to investigate your beliefs, by all means--DO!


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