I'm not sure if anyone has done this yet but I want to make a documentary about how religion was "introduced" to black slaves. Unfortunately all I know is what I've seen in movies (which I don't like looking at). I feel like I need more info than that. So are there any videos, articles, books etc. that you guys can recommend to help me out?

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I'd say slave narratives would be a good place to start though the authenticity of some of these narratives (and the degree to which the masters' hands guided some of these narratives) must be questioned.  I chopped this from wiki


Tales of religious redemption

From the 1770s to the 1820s, the slave narratives generally gave an account of a spiritual journey leading to Christian redemption. The authors usually characterized themselves as Africans rather than slaves.

Examples include:

The first place I'd check is Dr. Anthony Pinn. He's written several books about religion and slavery. Here is a small list that have slave narratives. Varieties of African American Religious Experience (1998),
Why Lord? Suffering and Evil in Black Theology (1999), By These Hands: A Documentary History of African American Humanism (2001), Terror and Triumph: The Nature of Black Religion (2003), Noise and Spirit: The African American Religious Experience in America (2005). Pinn is a great starting point. I have other books in my collection that speak specifically about sla ery and religion. Unfortunately, I'm not home.

Dr. Claud Anderson in the following video talks about religion being a controlling device for black people in slavery days in his PowerNomics speech. I never listened to the complete video so I don't know how far he goes into the religion aspect but it may be a little help.




Ase'!!!  Dr. Claude is great.  Also, Dr John Henrik Clark.  I will inbox you some things later.


This should be interesting... I'll check back to see how things progress. Unfortunately I dont know any resources.
I am reading Slave Religion by Albert Raboteau right now. It is quite good!




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