I'm not sure if anyone has done this yet but I want to make a documentary about how religion was "introduced" to black slaves. Unfortunately all I know is what I've seen in movies (which I don't like looking at). I feel like I need more info than that. So are there any videos, articles, books etc. that you guys can recommend to help me out?

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I'd say slave narratives would be a good place to start though the authenticity of some of these narratives (and the degree to which the masters' hands guided some of these narratives) must be questioned.  I chopped this from wiki


Tales of religious redemption

From the 1770s to the 1820s, the slave narratives generally gave an account of a spiritual journey leading to Christian redemption. The authors usually characterized themselves as Africans rather than slaves.

Examples include:

Whattup Robert P.


Good question. I recommend a book called Exchanging our Country Marks by Michael A Gomez. This deals with Christianity being introduced. There is also a great book called Servants of Allah by Sylviane Diouf, which chronicles the little discussed fact that a huge percentage of male and females were erudite and literate due to the fact that they needed to be able to read and write in Arabic in order to study the Koran. There are others too: Equiano's much discussed auto-biography is a 1st person account of indoctrination, as well is Sorjourner's Truth bio.



The first place I'd check is Dr. Anthony Pinn. He's written several books about religion and slavery. Here is a small list that have slave narratives. Varieties of African American Religious Experience (1998),
Why Lord? Suffering and Evil in Black Theology (1999), By These Hands: A Documentary History of African American Humanism (2001), Terror and Triumph: The Nature of Black Religion (2003), Noise and Spirit: The African American Religious Experience in America (2005). Pinn is a great starting point. I have other books in my collection that speak specifically about sla ery and religion. Unfortunately, I'm not home.

Dr. Claud Anderson in the following video talks about religion being a controlling device for black people in slavery days in his PowerNomics speech. I never listened to the complete video so I don't know how far he goes into the religion aspect but it may be a little help.




Ase'!!!  Dr. Claude is great.  Also, Dr John Henrik Clark.  I will inbox you some things later.


This should be interesting... I'll check back to see how things progress. Unfortunately I dont know any resources.
I am reading Slave Religion by Albert Raboteau right now. It is quite good!


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