Lately I've been hearing quite a bit about the illumanati. Supposedly this underground group, which has been around for hundreds of years and is secretly ruling the world, is responsible for Micheal Jackson's death, and has Jay-Z,Obama,  Beyonce, MaryMary, and more famous black people in its roster. When I first heard about it, I brushed it off as being just one more thing my idiot ex boyfriend concocted while blitzed on a blunt with his stupid friends, however, now I've caught my own mother talking about the Illuminati. Personally, I think that this is an absolutely ridiculous myth. What do you guys think?

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Having some experience with God centered fraternal organizations, I think they are duty centered and this deontological system has to recruit charismatic individuals to attract those who would follow such a basis of behavior since it is anti-evaluative. Hence, not rationally value driven, or even therefore based on volition but altruistic towards the hyerarchy's own goals and design.
The Order of the Illuminati is an occult group founded in 1776 modeled on the Jesuits and the Masons they were accused of being a secret force behind govenments and  the well connected up intll this day. They fall into the category of the 'ridiculous' for those who believe in it's current (black) membership roster and its influence in the world today, more xtian nonsense.

well there may be powerfull folks plotting how to rule the wworld; but we, the people of this world need only to work, and demand  fair and just societies, and let "pinkie and the brain" plot all they want"

there have always been powerfull folks plotting, but they have no mystical,  magical powers. but they do share a common goal; WORLD DOMINATION!!! when we understand that we will understand all of their tricks (NAFTA etc)  and who their lackys are

Preoccupation with the occult, secret societies, & mystical conspiracies is the province of right-wing paranoia, of the ignorant, illiterate, superstitious & backward.
I agree, Ralph. It's ego food for the undereducated. What's truly terrifying is that many educated black youths are eating this stuff up.
Its those stupid Dvds of white guys in suits claiming they use to work for the CIA and witnessed everything.




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