Every since I was younger I never seen people in the light of race. It was always our societies that forced that on us but I always tried to ignored it. Is it just me or do other people see other humans as humans and not as black, white, Latin, or Asian. The older I got it seem what race you are became more and more important. One of the main reasons I stop going to church was the segregation aspect of it. I think we should should drop our racial group titles because it doesn't make cents. More and more scientific evidence are coming out that they can trace every single person to Africa, meaning that everyone one was black at one point. Anyway I just want to hear other people thoughts on this???peace

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Great review!

I feel the same as you that race as a construct will not disappear in our lifetimes and,yes,I agree the definitions of race have been stretched due to the points you expressed in your thread.However, I do feel that amongst the 'educated' lies our best chance for this concept,over time, to disappear.
I always felt free no religion, no race, just the future and going through all the experience that life brings us. This one guy told me that being black is a state of mind I laugh at that ridicules statement. So if that is true talking ignorant is being black, being closed minded and only listening to music black people make is being black. He statement really pissed me off and to think people think this way really disturb me. What I'm trying to say is that you are right gerard26 eduction is our best chance. For I am and always will be a human. People will look back at us a thousand years from now and compare our race problems with the people who though the world was flat.
Humans has no sub species lol so comparing humans to cats or dogs is completely irrelevant but good try.
"How about saying only Cats instead of Tiger, Lynx, Panther, Cheetah, Lion, Leopard?"
You weren't applying that cats came in different colors you where comparing cats to lions and tigers. And if my child was missing of course I'm going to say he/she is black but I can also say her hight ,her age, her hair color etc. Skin color is not the only measure in describing some one demeanor. And saying she's black won't help, you have Brazilians and other nationalities who look identical to us.
I'm with the Thread Starter. But I definitely see race. We live in a world where you are as you're perceived. So I am accepted as a black man by society, by government, etc. But I identify as a human being before race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation etc. We are all from Africa like you pointed out. And that's why I think secular humanism is beautiful. Secular humanism pushes you to see the commonality in the next man/woman before you see differences. I wish we could all identify as humans above all else but the world has too many people who hold on to the old tribalism/race paradigm.
I 100% agree with you, to many people whole on to old tribalism and race paradigm just like you pointed out. I guess when I said I don't see race a lot of people got confused or even angry. What I meant was that I don't see the racial stereotypes that our society bestow on us. Of course you see the different color skin pigmentation if your not blind. When I see another colored person I don't say o look it's a white guy or woman maybe they like rock or country music or maybe there undercover racist. When I see them I say look it's Scott or Chelsea, like you said early humanism is beautiful I believe it should be taught in schools.
Lets be real about this, there are physiological differences amongst the different racial groups there is no denying that, not to mention cultural and social differences.

So since each race is obviously different I would prefer to celebrate our difference and live harmoniously rather than try to put us all under the same umbrella. I however have an issue with racial stereotyping and segregation and I think these are the issues that we should tackle rather that asking me to lose my identity as an African descendant.
Are we talking about race, culture, ethnicity, or skin color. My perspective is that they are different, though it may be a limited perspective. I think to ignore the color or not see the color of skin would be to ignore or not see beauty in variety (likewise for culture, ethnicity, etc). The issue is less about seeing skin color or your ethnicity and race. It is more about the treatment and perception people have because of those things. I think that a respect for all of those things would be better than pretending they do not exist. The world is full of variety and color. I think that is part of what makes it beautiful. However, I don’t think the need for division will disappear. The underlying issue is access to resources. Who will have more, who will have less? These identifying factors play a major role in the control of the world’s resources.
Well put!




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