Do any of you believe that it is possible for a human being to get past the boundary that is skin color? Ex. A black man not identifying himself as a black man but just a human being with a different personality. I believe it is possible, but highly unlikely. Wouldn't someone have to reinvent themselves to achieve this? History and culture is typically associated with a skin color, so would you have to deny that also to achieve this? Thoughts?

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Hi Chazley.
I think that a Black man who was the child of a constantly moving military father and or mom may have some difficulty initially - when entering the real world- that is until he entered the corporate work place and finds though he is astute in technical details there are somehow no jobs in sales for him till he makes one.
For the vast majority of my life I've never had the urge to self-identify with a racial emphasis. That has long been a mystery to me; I'd see things like 'Black Power!' and 'I'm black and I'm proud', and they would just mystify me. Why would anyone thing that the happenstance of their being born a certain color would be something to be 'proud' of? Why did certain people feel entitled because of their skin color? True, I've never suffered hardship, or been discriminated against for being black, and I realize that other people have had much more difficult experiences perhaps due to their race. But I suppose I've never really been a joiner, never had that urge to rush in and be counted as one of many. I'm comfortable with myself and although I have many people that I'd call friends, I would say that most would see me as a loner. Interestingly, I think this mindset is at least in part responsible for my atheism as well; never could quite believe the stories I was told as a child (and sure as heck don't believe them now).
Although I love my skin color, I believe when I say I love being black I love the positive which represents black people. When I say it I think history, culture and attitude. When society enforces you to choose who you are, how do you get past it? How do you say I don't represent myself as this?

Ex. A black man not identifying himself as a black man but just a human being with a different personality.


When you say "not identifying himself as black" in what context are you referring to?  In real life, unless you can "pass", you are automatically identified as black by your appearance.  Online it's optional to self-identify by one's race, and I'm sure many people do not.  


And when you say "different personality", what do you mean?  Different from what?


The black power thing started as not being ashamed and transformed to lording it over people which seems ironic. I'm happy with who I am, my expericences made me who I am.


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