I can't believe this woman gave this down-low homophobe all that cash. Come on black people. We got to do better.

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What is that on his head looks like  a toupe


In the words of Eddie Murphy "Ain't nothin' but a s-curl."
It isn't just black people. Lots of jive preachers are cleaning up all over the world. It is neither new nor isolated. We can ALL do better.
No, but statistically religiosity is disproportionately higher in Black communities.
That fact has nothing to do with this video.  Are black people disproportionately giving money to hucksters?  I don't know the answer to this question.  I am seriously asking.
I don't know that. My point is not to make our race seem more subject to swindlers, than any others. This same kind of stuff happens in India, Latin American Countries and Europe. As my comment may be missing the point about the video, yours seems to commit a similar fallacy. This is a forum on Black Freethought and this issue is especially relevant to Black culture, hence "Come on Black people. We got to do better."

I guess it depends on what your point was. If your point was to mock an obviously staged church trick, then the video speaks for itself. If you are trying to raise consciousness and affect change, the comment at the end "Come on black people. We got to do better" is not really going out to the ones who need to hear it (Um, I am already doing better...).

If the latter was your goal, then the thread has failed. So far none of the comments have come close to asking or answering the question "So what do WE do?"


I can’t say definitely, but since proportionally in this country we are more religious than others, I would assume we are more prone to be victims of religious hucksters. Many so called national black leaders are preachers. Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton, Minister Farrakhan, etc. In my area most of the black community leaders are preachers and I’m sure it’s the same in most urban areas. Not saying they are all hucksters but many of them are. They know they can influence the black community for political and monetary gains. Of course there are many that are sincere and do a lot of positive things for their communities.

The preachers ended up being the leaders because this was the highest position that an ambitious black person with good public speaking skills could aspire to for a long time.  It gave you status and a following.  Today, this is not the case.  In Illinois, Carol Moseley Braun was the first to achieve success without having a "side job" as a preacher.  At the national level, Obama has succedded despite failing to fit the fat, sweaty, jumping, shouting, preacher mold.  I guess this is why Jesse Jackson wanted to "tear his balls off."

Mindless sheep.  I will never understand how people can fall for this crap.  I remember being in the car with a friend a few years ago, and we passed a guy driving a Bentley.  He had some kind of sticker on his car indicating that he was a preacher, and his vanity plates were something to the effect of "I'm Blessed."  I told my friend that I was sure his congregation foolishly paid for the Bentley.  She was offended and asked why would I call them foolish, maybe they got it for him because he's a great preacher and deserves it.  Yeah, because nothing says thanks for the spiritual growth like an ridiculously expensive luxury vehicle or stacks of cash.


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