I can't believe this woman gave this down-low homophobe all that cash. Come on black people. We got to do better.

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Well said Samantha. It's a damn shame.

I've seen this before and it was planned if you ask me. This a just a sensationalist technique, albeit an innovative one, to corral the sheep and get them emotionally involved.

I agree with Albert. I believe the whole scene was a setup. Why give him a big wad of bills in front of the congregation during service? Why not give him a check in private? It was obviously all show. It could have been a bunch of ones surrounded by a few bigger bills. He wasted no time suggesting others do the same. The religious are so gullible.
I agree with Albert and Eddie. Plus, the interaction looked very ingenuine and practiced. He wasn't surprised nor grateful, hell- he didn't even say "Thank you!" Further, the music came on instantaneously!! It was like something out of a damn movie. These sensationalist speakers are experts at brainwashing folks, especially those who appear to be vulnerable. It's all industrial psychology.
This is despicable.



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