Hello all,

I'm working with a writer who is putting together a big article about black atheists. She's trying to find a few more to interview, including:

- a couple who has met through an atheist online group or website
- someone who no longer talks to his family because he's come out as an atheist
- someone who's only come out online and not in life

If you fit one of the descriptions or know people who have, please get in touch with me at dgoddard@centerforinquiry.net. There's some urgency to this, so please get in touch with me as soon as you can if you're interested and fit one of the categories. Thanks!

Debbie Goddard
Director, African Americans for Humanism

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Nope, none of those apply to me.
 "someone who's only come out online and not in life"
Does this mean that if you were to google me you will find me but none of family, friends or spouse know that I am an Aethist?
If you participate in black atheist groups (like this one) online, but family, friends, spouse don't know that you're an atheist--sounds like you fit the bill! If you want to get interviewed, send me your e-mail address at dgoddard@centerforinquiry.net.
I may fit that bill, I will email u.  I actually do!  Only other agnostic/atheist people know I don't believe in God.  I am a member of an offline atheist group, but none of my friends no I actually attend meetings.  Just one, and he is agnostic but none of my religious friends know.  Even the ones that call themselve kemetic.  'Cause they still believe in this mystical/magical god.

I haven't told my parents but they know for a fact that I don't attend church. nor do I pray. I should clarify that I have gotten snippy once or twice when confronted with a lecture riddled with religious dogma, I just haven't said the words. My brothers have known since I was 14 years old. I don't mask my atheism from anyone else in my life but them, not because i fear their reaction but it's not worth the hassle of them trying to "save" me.


Please return and post a link for the article when it's written.

Will do!

My family doesn't know but my wife and friends do.

If you'd like to be considered for an interview, please send your e-mail address to me at dgoddard@centerforinquiry.net.






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