African Americans for Humanism, sponsored by the Center for Free Inquiry, is surviving the termination of Norm Allen and expanding its activities under the leadership of Debbie Goddard.

Note this upcoming conference:

"Making Humanism Relevant to African Americans"

Saturday, July 10, 6:00-11:00 pm

Center for Inquiry Indiana

350 Canal Walk, Suite A

Indianapolis, IN 46202


, Journalist and Comedian — "

African American Humanists Coming


Gilbert Holmes

, Executive Director,

ACLU of Indiana


Vignettes from My Life—A Journey of Faith, Doubt, and Questioning



, CFI Indiana Friend of the Center — "




— Remarks by CFI Indiana Friends of the Center

Check out further details at the web site:

I cannot productively intervene at this point regarding the controversies surrounding CFI, and my general perspective on secular humanism in the USA is from a practical standpoint pointless with respect to the realistic alternatives open at this historical moment, but perhaps on another occasion I will sum up my take on the situation based on my very limited knowledge. Hopefully, we'll hear that Norm has achieved success in whatever he undertakes from this point on; the fate of AAH, though, is not tied to his. I think I've done my duty by Norm by publicizing his complaint as vigorously as possible without taking a specific position on the facts of the case or on warring factions within CFI.

PS: I wasn't aware that Jamila was officially a comedienne, though I have noticed her to be very funny at times.

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Once again I failed to clean this post up visually due to the noncooperation of Atheist Nexus' text editor. I don't make it often to this web site of late, but I find a great deal of it immersed in small-minded trivia, so it's just as well.
I am sad that Norm is gone from the organization he led. I know some details, about enough to make me dangerous. I come past this site on a spotty basis, but I am not so turned off by the level of conversation in that I'm not sure of my own. In fact, that is exactly why I stop past. Someone always hits a note worthy of discussion. Norm will survive and I think will resurface in the Humanist Movement even stronger and more focused. I also predicted there was no way Nixon could win. I was wrong. Anway, I am thankful for the information and wish I could be there just because I like to be around others that think like me in some ways.
I wonder what you mean by "dangerous". In any case, Norm is part of a new venture by Paul Kurtz. More on this later.


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