I remember when the big earthquake happened in Haiti and there was this white church group that went over there and tried to take some children. Even before this incident, it struck me as kind of suspect that so many white people were adopting african children. It was like some sort of fad. Personally, I don't think its good for black children because it confuses them and causes self hatred. Another thing that is disturbing is that a lot of white churches are doing this. Oprah had this church on her show and a couple of the families got together and they adopted an african choir. Each family took in about 2 african kids. When I see them programming them with religion, its disturbing to me. I don't remember hearing ONE story about a black church doing this and thats also interesting but not surprising. I find it interesting that a lot of us see those children as fortunate. I think that speaks to the self hatred that has been engrained in us. I find it to be sad and scary.  Is this the new slavery movement? That question keeps popping in my head. What are your thoughts on this subject?

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I have 2 Uncles like that.  :) One is no longer with us but I learned a lot from their militant and outspoken ways.

i am so glad that letter is bogus - it made me sick !  also, i am really sad that there is still so much crap going on - i mean new jersey?!!!  


i must point out though, that 'divide and conquer" is a very old way of establishing control.  just look at Pakistan and India - i think, also, that people set up their own divisions.  where oh where did the 60's go 'long time passing ' . . . "when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?" i guess i'm still naive, but i don't care. 

I do have to say that a bonus to being a military brat is that I've had the opportunity to live in many parts of the US and you're definitely right about racism being everywhere. But from what I have seen, at least where I currently live, is that the African Americans here are still somewhat stuck in the mentality that the white man is superior. Even though they will rather die than proclaim that out loud, it is definitely evident in their actions. Thankfully there is still hope
In the mid 70s I spent 2 years in South Carolina near Savanna Georgia while in The Marine Corps. I did notice many but not all black Southerners act subservient around whites. It made me cringe. I believe a lot of them were from rural areas. They probably didn't get the memo that they no longer had to kiss white folks assess. :) I kind of thought that would have changed since then.
Well I cannot speak to the more urban areas, but in the rural area where I currently reside, it still does exist, just a bit more under the surface that it may have been in the 70s when you were down in the area. By the way thanks for your service in our Armed forces
That is true, but what exactly does it mean to "be black"? No offense to anyone who was raised by white parents, but how could they teach their children to be black? Does it mean to connect with your African roots? or maybe with the "black" American stereotype? Or does it simply mean to be whomever you are.
Militant?  Malcolm X was called Militant!  Militant is not always a bad thing.  Hell, I have been called that.  I'll take it, I suppose.  lol
I have read that the Willie Lynch letter was bogus, however, I do believe the concepts of it, did and does exist.  IJS.
I'm a white woman with a black child - although she was born in Chicago - and I agree about the churchy people "saving" babies from overseas. Saving a child is a pisspoor reason to adopt a child. How about the burden of misplaced gratitude that puts on the kid? I hope my daughter is no more grateful than any other kid...we didn't save her, we created a familly.

I've run into both sides of the coin from the black community. Either I'm a saint for adopting outside my race or I'm a baby thief. Neither are true...I just really wanted to be a mom, and I didn't need to wait up to three years to have a perfect white baby. And we try really hard to expose her to black culture - and my black friends and her birthfamilies laugh and tell me that at three she's been to the DuSable Museum more times than they have, eaten soul food more than they have and celebrated Kwanzaa more times than they have. So, who knows what she'll grow up like. She's going to be kickass though, that's set in stone! :)
The question of religious missionaries and celebrities adopting black babies should be separated from the general question of interracial adoption. I am against apartheid. The healthiest situation is when children are raised around a variety of people including other children, so that these needless identity crises can be avoided. As for culture, American culture is dead: everyone simply gloms on to whatever variant of popular culture prevails in their environment.


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