I remember when the big earthquake happened in Haiti and there was this white church group that went over there and tried to take some children. Even before this incident, it struck me as kind of suspect that so many white people were adopting african children. It was like some sort of fad. Personally, I don't think its good for black children because it confuses them and causes self hatred. Another thing that is disturbing is that a lot of white churches are doing this. Oprah had this church on her show and a couple of the families got together and they adopted an african choir. Each family took in about 2 african kids. When I see them programming them with religion, its disturbing to me. I don't remember hearing ONE story about a black church doing this and thats also interesting but not surprising. I find it interesting that a lot of us see those children as fortunate. I think that speaks to the self hatred that has been engrained in us. I find it to be sad and scary.  Is this the new slavery movement? That question keeps popping in my head. What are your thoughts on this subject?

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It may be best in most circumstances that black children are raised by black families. It's not that I have a problem with children being raised by parents of another race because I don't. And I know I do not feel that way because of some sort of self hate. I feel that way only because bigots of all races can make it difficult for children whose parents are of a different race. I would rather see black children in a loving home of white parents than without any parents. It's certainly better then being institutionalized or shuttled from one foster home to the next. And what about mixed raced children like our President? Which race would it be OK to raise them?
Obviously, it doesn't matter when it comes to bi-racial children. I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about African children, who are brought here and brainwashed with religion and other lies. It's not that I have a problem with every adoption but you don't find it odd that there seems to be this huge movement of african adoptions by white families?
Sorry I missed your main point in regards to African children opposed to black children in general. I have argued my feelings concerning mixed race families with acquaintances and that's what I focused on. But you are right about European and American Whites going to Africa to adopt. It does seem like a fad and some of those doing it are celebrities which make others want to do the same. As far as forcing their religion on the kids, as an atheist I am against anyone forcing their religion on children, even their own children. But that will never happen. And adopting children solely for the purpose of force-feeding them religion is just wrong.
Actually it's not so much a fad as it's a easier route to adopting a child. Adoption in the U.S is difficult and long process coupled with our litigious society which can make it an expensive liability in the future. Celebrities adopt from foreign countries because it's easier and most importantly it protects them from any future litigation or extortion from the biological parents should they be aware of the adoptive parents wealth.

If it's a tie-breaker between a black African kid being adopted by black parents or white, sure, give the child to the black parents. However, I am certain there are far more children in places like Mali and the Congo who need someone to love them and raise them in relative safety than there are people who want to take them in. There are worse things than being raised by religious parents, like not being able to go to school because you're in a war zone.


I can understand the appeal of seeking to adopt a child who is almost certain to have a more difficult life if you don't step in. You get the child you want and you get to be a hero, right? However, as far as saving African lives goes, a $1000 donation to Oxfam or Camfed would make a bigger difference than 'rescuing' one child.

You can also add the African children that are forced to be soldiers. Some as young as 10. There's not much worst of a situation they can be in than that. If someone gets them out of that situation it can only be for the better. And I must add the young girls used by African rebels as their sex toys. There's a lot of positive reasons to adopt an African child. I understand Jessica's concern about people adopting solely for selfish and and religious reasons. But as you say there are worst things than being raised by a religious family. A black ex-coworker of mine adopted an African boy a few years ago. It would be nice to see more of that but also there are so many blacks kids in this country that need a loving and caring home.

Also, there are children from Asia (Vietnam, Korea), Africa, Eastern Europe who wouldn't have had a chance in their own countries. I know people who bring these children up so lovingly and teach them their own culture as well as ours.  I agree with Eddie Hicks Sr., that it is better to have a loving home than not.  As to the really religious people who want to adopt - you have to take them individually.  


and why do we intelligent people still think in racial and religious terms?  As far as I'm concerned, as long as you don't hurt anyone else (including your own) - c'est la vie! Live and let live!  - alexa :]


get onto google and read the willie lynch letter. it should explain a lot of things. and maybe open up a few more questions too.
Wille Lynch is bogus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willie_Lynch_Letter Even so what does it have to do with whites adopting black children?
more or less referring and explaining how it is that people feel that these Africans are "fortunate". yes willie lynch is probably bogus, but come down here to the south and you'll see it's validity in how African Americans down here treat each other and act towards each other and other races. I don't necessarily believe that the letter came from this "Willie Lynch", but I wouldn't be surprised if it was simply a consolidation of various slave owner's methods of treating slaves world-wide during that time frame.
We call it crabs in a basket. When one crab gets to the top of the basket others pull it back in. It's a good analogy because I crab and they really do that. Some of us do seem to have a problem with others getting ahead. There is a thread on one of the Atheist Nexus sites where a few people feel there is something wrong with successful Blacks moving out of crime ridden neighborhoods to better places. Also there are plenty enough racist in the North. They may not be as open with it, but believe me they are here in New Jersey. I worked with guys who probably never set foot in the South riding around with Confederate flags on their pickups. Then there are the Blacks that blame all their misfortunes on whites when their problems are mostly because of their own doings. Even though the Willie Lynch letter was probably not written by who and when some people believe, it does unfortunately hold some truths.
And I have to admit that a lot of my theories come from reading various sources and getting information from my slightly "militant" uncle. So they might be slightly skewed, but that's why I'm here after all. To learn different viewpoints and see what else I can learn.




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