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Nigerian Atheist Beaten Up By Witchcraft Believers at Conference

Leo Igwe is a Humanist and Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Humanist Movement.

He recently returned from a conference run by the British Humanist Association, having also given an interview about superstition in his country to the BBC. He was ready to attend a conference he helped organize on “Child Rights and Witchcraft.”

The conference took place in Calabar, in southeastern Nigeria. It’s an important topic because accusations of witchcraft could (and have) lead to the accused being killed.

As the conference began, 150-200 religious protestors raided the conference and started disr.... Chaos ensued.

Leo’s glasses were broken and his bag, phone and camera were stolen. It took 90 minutes for cops to arrive.

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*sigh*(again) Does anyone else think it is suspicious that it took the police 90 minutes to arrive?
The police believe in it too. This is very sad.
damn thats all bad, and people wanna know why Ayaan Hirsi Ali takes a small battalion everywhere she goes.
This is one of the dangers of fanaticism. Whether it be religion or politics, fanaticism is dangerous. I've known Leo for almost 10 years, read his writings and follow the progress of his organization. This is just one of many things that keep people of African descent on the back of the bus. Truth is a dangerous tool, especially to the superstitious, ignorant or arrogant.
Thats fucked up, im nigerian on my fathers side
and ive been there a couple times myself.
Its so sad.
Like the changeling legends of Europe, at the root of this is probably a desire to evade responsibility for feeding a sickly child who is at high risk of not being able to grow up to help with farm labor. Superstition often serves convenience. With better economic security, few of these parents would be willing to turn out their children on a parasitic religion-monger's say-so.



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