Without prejuding the specific sequence of events, I begin with Norm Allen's own account of his termination. Debbie Goddard has also issued a preliminary statement, and presumably more background on what will likely become a major scandal will be forthcoming.



Dear Friends:
I am sending this email to notify you that I have been "laid off" by the Center for Inquiry in Amherst. This is not surprising given the poor state of the economy in the United States. However, the
way I was callously dismissed was truly disgraceful. The password to
my computer was secretly changed just as I was doing important work for
CFI. I was rudely bumped from the Internet, and called into an office.
I was told that I had to surrender my keys in a matter of minutes. I
was told to vacate the premises as soon as possible. After 21 years
I received no thanks, gratitude, or even an offer of letters of
recommendation. I was given no opportunity to say goodbye or to give any parting
words of thanks, advice or encouragement. However, I WAS given two small
boxes to pack my belongings.
That is why I am writing this letter now. Thank you all for the help that you have given me in trying to popularize humanism and humanist ideals. My greatest regret is that I will not be able to be of service to you any longer.
There are so many humanists throughout the world that have come
to depend on me for guidance, advice, reading materials, etc. Now, it is
highly unlikely that our international groups will receive any serious aid from
the Amherst office.
But press on anyway. Certainly the current CFI leadership is not ncessary for the growth of humanism anywhere in the world. Please continue to move forward and do your best to see to it thatyour groups survive and thrive. They
are counting on you and I know that you will not let them down.
Your Brother in Freethought,
Norm R. Allen Jr.  

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I've always been ambivalent when it comes to CFI. I'm sure that they've tried hard to do good work, but I never trusted their approach for lack of a better term. FFRF always seemed a better organization from the human perspective. That's why I support FFRF financially and not CFI. If this was the result of a financial short-fall, then I can understand why it had to be done. However, even if finances were the central reason, it seems to me that they could have cut elsewhere. If CFI took African and African-American Humanism seriously, they would have found a way to keep Allen on board.
It seems to me that a thorough examination of priorities is in order. And what must seniority be if someone in employ for two decades gets the axe? To me AAH is much more important than the tiresome round of tiresome celebrity atheists.



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