This was a post from a friend on my facebook.


"New Zealand earthquake:  65 dead in Christchurch.  Please pray".


In a place called Christchurch, you mean to tell me no one prayed, already?  Doesn't sound like it worked.  Or was there a group of people praying to be injured and killed in an earthquake? 

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Prayer is little more than a fervent wish. Since Barack Obama became President, I receive just enough emails to piss me off asking me to join a prayer circle to pray for the President. Crap in one hand and put your prayers in the other and see which one fills up first. I responded to all that if they wanted to do something to protect the President--get off your knees and put and ear to the ground and both eyes open to report any trouble that may be coming to the President. He'll, donate some blood, feed the poor, volunteer at the hospital or starting campaigning now, but get up off your damn knees because we s
Net too many decades in that position.

Dig it, Minute!!!  SOLID!

Prayer, another useless activity engaged in by the credulous who delude themselves into thinking that they are actually helping someone or some situation with an appeal to some entity that is nonexsistent. I think Epicurus said it best: " If the gods listen to the prayers of men,all humans would quickly perish since they constantly pray for evils to befall one another."  
great observation, I love it!!!
If prayer works then why did it not work for the Jews in  in Germany, the Blacks during slavery or today the child born with aids to drugged out parents.Why did it not help the people of New Orleans or Haiti.I am very sure most of them were praying in those situations.

I find it funny and at the same time sad that Christians think that they can influence the mind of a supposedly all knowing god. I've asked many, "What is the point of prayer if god would already know everything, and already has a "plan"?"

Why is it praying for trivial things that also have outside influence (like praying to get better while you're already taking medicine, finding lost items) supposed to work, yet for things that we can't fix on our own yet (like regrowing amputated limbs, magically feeding innocent starving children, protecting all of them from rape, murder etc) never happen?

They either go silent, admit its wishful thinking, or call me a spawn of the devil xD

Actually it's a point few of them even like to answer. If you have so much faith in god then why do you still go to doctors when you are sick? Especially with an incurable disease. Can't he do it on his own?

Prayer in itself changes nothing. Prayer is a wasted of time & energy. The only thing in life that changes or effects circumstances is action. If humans spent more time in acheiving results through positive actions rather than wishful thinking, imagine what can be accomplished.   

If I set out my goals and have critically thought through what they are for me.  Can I set an intention to remind myself to remain directed toward that goal? Not a wish, rather a focus on my mind to continue in that direction. For example, today I will be tolerant with people who I think follow some ridiculous religious storyline? Directed thoughts, manifesting in my behavior.

People dying in churches where they are looking for sanctuary from some sort of disaster has happened around the world. I'm sure they all were praying to be safe. Not to mention people dying in church fires both accidentally and purposely lit. How many of the dead at the World Trade Center prayed on the morning of the 911 attacks?  So many gullible people believe in prayer when the evidence shows it doesn't work except maybe as placebo effect.

Prayer is hand-waving.  Hand-waving might as well be prayer.  Each accomplishes roughly the same thing, though hand-waving does a bit more (it moves the air around a bit).

If I had some serious discretionary cash around, I might respond to the situation in Christchurch with some bucks for the Red Cross or something like that and THAT might make a difference.

But putting my hands together and thinking to myself isn't going to do squat.

I told a coworker recently what Billy Bob said in Bad Santa "Pray in one hand, sh-t in the other, and let me know witch one fills up first." ..... Praying is such a wast of humans time.

Prayer is the act of bowing your head and closing your eyes as you begin to talk to yourself.




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