The latest installment of my Internet radio show, "Studies in a Dying Culture", has just been recorded & posted. This one is a

10/18/10 Manny Fried's memoir published / Science, Religion & the Black community: symposia at Howard University

First, I review Manny Fried's life as labor organizer and playwright,
then introduce his newly published autobiography. My second topic
consists of a summary and commentary on two symposia at Howard
University on 28 September, organized and moderated by student Mark
Hatcher. The first was a dialogue on "The Poetry of Science" featuring
Richard Dawkins and Neil de Grasse Tyson. The second was a panel on
"Science and Faith in the Black Community", featuring Dawkins, Anthony
Pinn, Sikivu Hutchinson, and a Mr. Stieger. Finally, provoked by a new
essay collection on the new atheists I am obliged to review, I comment
briefly on a pervasive historical amnesia that permeates the secular
humanist/atheist community as well as its critics, gutting the totality
of the history of the movement within the 20th century, which, thanks to
the McCarthyism of the 1950s and the triumph of neoliberalism in the
1980s, has been effectively disappeared.:

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I am still unable to use the Atheist Nexus text editor properly after months & months. Anyway, my "Reason & Society" blog documents the Dawkins-Tyson dialogue, but only the radio show as yet gives my account of the symposium on science & faith in the black community. For the blog, see:
See also my blog for further commentary:

Please note that both symposia are now available in toto on YouTube! You can
find the links on my blog.


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