I recently realized that the black community will never accept that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon. One lady told me last week that father god does not make anybody gay. I have come to realize that the black community refuses to confront the monsters of reality by avoidng the cave of reality. So I have decided to capitalize on people who willingly want to remain naive. I am about to start a spiritual business casting out homosexual demons. The thing is this scam is unpenetratable because of one ridiculous loop hole . Demons are everywhere and if someone was to return with a complain I would simple accuse them of leaving the affected person around someone with homosexual demons thus leading to repossesion by demons again. I wonder if I can go through with this and keep a straight face. I am jealous of Benny Hinn.

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A more fundamental issue is the basis for one's judgments. By basing one's justifications on the authority of the Bible, one removes the genuine ability to justify whatever judgments one holds. The hold of religion on the black community manifests itself differently in terms of political affiliation from the hold of religion on the redneck community, but their irrational cultures are more similar in certain respects than either would care to admit. Both are predicated on a culture of fear, ignorance, and unreason; hence both are doomed.
I know black gay men who believe in these type of demons because they refuse to give up their religious culture.
I'm sure religion makes things much worse, but the social conditioning of lack of self-worth functions pretty well even without religion. Perhaps there is a generational change, I don't know. But I can instantly recall a gay man I knew in the '70s, who was, at the end of the day, convinced he was wrong. I don't recall religion being a factor at all. This fellow was white, and though he was older than I (though still young), he had the mind of a child, a phenomenon I found all too common back then. And it's not unusual for children to think everything's their fault. Come to think of it, the same goes for heterosexual Bible-humpers. Excuse my cynicism, but I'm in a bad mood today.
I too believe that guilt contributes to denial.
that is so sad.. they want acceptance from a non entity and they prolly just want to be considered normal by all the religious folk out there
homophobia runs deep.
Frankly, it amazes me that anyone wants to be part of a religion based on a book that was a guide for slavery, genocide, rape and the general mistreatment of women.
I don't know if scamming is the right thing to do although it sounds tempting. Folks who believe in the occult demonstrate their superstition and probably were a MIss Cleo client at one time (LOL). At best there are 10 references to homosexuality in the Bible with the two most quoted in the Old Testament. Jesus never says a thing about it. Paul says a a bit, but he is suspect because many believe he was homosexual and fighting the urge. My point is that the name sake of Christianity had nothing to say on the subject, but he had plenty to say on other things, like adultery and divorce. I find that people who use scripture as a proof source have picked the verses that support their prejudices.
why do you agree with it?
Ramen!! There is no 'father god' therefore 'he' could not have created anything gay, straight or anyone in between!!! LOL!
I was a bit slow there, but every time I see that phrase I remember her ignorant face.
Yes, you've wisely expanded on this theme. The obsession with masculinity is especially notorious.

If women didn't buy into this as well, this stuff would stop in short order.

Personals ad from hell:

"I want a real man who loves the Lord and knows how to treat a lady."
Wow and I thought I was asking for a lot, she wants someone who loves a nonexistent being! I'm just looking for a man who is intelligent enough to want to learn more, a mind that is open enough to take in new ideas without having his brains fall out, and looking for a life partner, not a 'madonna', 'doormat', or 'worshipful idiot'. THEN we'll talk about SEX!! LOL




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