I recently realized that the black community will never accept that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon. One lady told me last week that father god does not make anybody gay. I have come to realize that the black community refuses to confront the monsters of reality by avoidng the cave of reality. So I have decided to capitalize on people who willingly want to remain naive. I am about to start a spiritual business casting out homosexual demons. The thing is this scam is unpenetratable because of one ridiculous loop hole . Demons are everywhere and if someone was to return with a complain I would simple accuse them of leaving the affected person around someone with homosexual demons thus leading to repossesion by demons again. I wonder if I can go through with this and keep a straight face. I am jealous of Benny Hinn.

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There's a whole world view encapsulated in the one-liner I provided, which is hardly fictional-- the personals ad, that is. Hopefully, anyone encountering a woman who thinks like this will be smart enough to turn and run in the opposite direction as fast as possible. Or direct the woman to the nearest Steve Harvey book signing.



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