I caught myself almost going into this rant on someone post and this really had nothing to do with the topic at hand.


So here's my question: Are we, as a nation, actually ridding ourselves of racism, or are we 'sweeping it under the rug' so to speak?


Now in my opinion I feel that we are right on track, if not ahead of schedule, in the process of ridding our nation of racism. This thought is based off of the fact that Africans have been enslaved by Europeans since the 1400s, meaning that Europeans had roughly 400 years of ingrained racism in their system before the slave trade ended in the United States and then another hundred years or so before African Americans took the stage to fight for serious equality. So after 500 years or so of European Americans considering themselves above the African Americans for us to have come as far as we have in the last 50 years to me is quite the achievement.


I'm definitely not trying to imply that we don't still have a ways to go, nor am I saying that we don't have to try anywhere near as hard to help our people in a time where all of the negative stereotypes of the African American is not only encouraged, but rewarded by the media.


So please share your thoughts with me.


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i hope he investigates our underlying economic system (capitalism) responsible for "racism in america
the most important voice against anti black racism is the white voice
Important point.

Anyone who cites the crackpot Frances Cross Welsing as an authority immediately discredits himself. One distinction that was made back in the 1960s at the dawn of the Black Power movement, before it itself went off in degenerate directions, was that between personal and institutional racism, emphasized, for example, by Stokely Carmichael. Why was this such a big deal? Because the dominant liberal paradigm of the time, which pervaded popular culture as well (think of all those Sidney Poitier movies) was that racism = prejudice, and the entire popular culture was directed at prejudice, and concentrated its criticisms of institutional racism against the obsolete Jim Crow system of the South. Hence the concept of institutional racism.


As for the exercise of structural racism, it is most self-serving and disingenuous to define it as white supremacy, which is one of its dominant but not exclusive forms. Perhaps you may have heard of the Empire of Japan's adventures in the 1930s and '40s and would have some idea of what would have happened to you if the Japanese, and not just the Nazis, overran your ass. Of course, there were black fascists who rooted for the Japanese, being a colored empire. But that proves only what nitwits nationalists are.


As for the present-day USA, I am not by any means optimistic, but this is not the 1960s, for better and in some respects for worse. One crucial consideration is the correlation of white acceptance of blacks (and also of white revanchism) with class differentiation within Black America. Clearly there is greater acceptance of successful black people and golden opportunities for those who can climb aboard the gravy train, the flip side of which is the increasing desperation and nonpersonhood of the underclass. The neofascist movement targets all social strata in its scapegoating of blacks, which is an integral part of its class warfare. The future of racism can be only understood within the context of the capitalist system and class warfare, not by the mystical black nationalist crackpots, whose politics were a dead end already in the 1970s.


That's pretty audacious of you to assume anyone who cites Dr. Francis Cress Welsing discredit themselves. None of her factual assertions about racism has ever been challenged only supported by other behavioral scientists. For example, racism, as she defines it, is a local and global power system structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white. David Wellmen defines racism similar to her definition with a slightly different emphasis; he proclaimed that racism is the culturally sanctioned belief that defends white advantage because of the inferior position of racial minorities.

In his book, called "white racism", Joe Feagin calls racism white supremacy. An article called " “Defending the White Race: White Male Faculty Opposition to a ‘White Racism’ Course”, by Noel A. Cazenae and Darlene Maddern reach a similar conclusion about racism. Racism, according to them, is a system that operates at every level of society and is held together by a sophisticated ideology of color/'race' supremacy, which gives credence to Welsing's position on racism.

As I mentioned before, racism is not merely a pattern of individual and/or institutional practice; it is a universally operating "system" of white supremacy and domination in which the majority of the world's white people participate. Contrary to most present thinking, there is only one functional racism in the known world--white supremacy. If racism is a system of color/race supremacy then I challenge any fair minded reader to identify, and then demonstrate the superiority or functional supremacy of any of the world's non-white peoples over anyone. Also, the theories that postulate that the economic systems as the origin of the state affair are inadequate , for the very economic systems like capitalism, communism, and socialism--have been devised, used and refined in the effort to achieve racism/white supremacy.

Whether or not one is emotionally comfortable with these scholars' assessment of racism is not germane. Usually, the white racial frame thinkers (which includes non-whites), coined by Joe Feagin, usually have propensity to deny white racism and view racism very differently. Here are some excerpts about white racial frame.

Denial of racism’s magnitude and impact – see Pew Research Center study, pp. 130-131
1). Operating from the assumption that the white experience is the universal experience

2). Misperceiving and rarely thinking about the devastating destruction wrought by racism
(Including within the white (faith) institution itself), and failing to acknowledge and to
explicitly address that devastation during social interactions

3) Believing the harm of racism to be limited to, and measuring the impact of racism only as
affecting, the particular individual of color involved in an incident; failing to recognize the huge compounding of harms to the entire family and community.

4.) Color-blind, “un-raced” nature of white thinking and acting “We’re post-racial here” (despite all the research that proves that we do see race and act on what we see in major ways)
Let’s not discuss racism here” – learned pronounced discomfort in talking critically About issues of continuing white racism (99)”

Major forms of negative stereotyping – In the white racial frame, whites carry a (usually unconscious) Sense of moral “Velcro” in their regard of people of color, a recurring suspicion that a person of color is behaving, or will likely behave, immorally. Furthermore, this assumed Immorality is perceived and responded to as a “serious problem.”


White racial frame persons would think that the social programs and the political freedom of minorities are proofs of the ending of racism or that things are getting better. If anyone truly think that’s show read "Yes We Can?: White Racial Framing and the 2008 Presidential Campaign

Moreover, I do not want people to assume that I advocate that all white people are racist, nor do any of my sources. But what I’m saying is that only a white person can participate in racism because the system is set up for only whites. I want would like to see the end of racism and see it replaced with justice on the earth. This is not about hating whites but understanding what racism is about. I don’t think we, as a society, are seriously talking about racism and it’s implication in our everyday life.

"That's pretty audacious of you to assume anyone who cites Dr. Francis Cress Welsing discredit themselves."


Perhaps just honesty, not audacity. 


"it is a universally operating "system" of white supremacy"


Would you perhaps clarify how this system operates and how people (sub)consciously play a role in this? Please feel free to use examples as you please. In your definition you gave a long list of how "racism" (your definition) operate:


"this system consists of patterns of perception, logic , symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity ( economics, education, entrainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war)"


Is this something that is ingrained in white children, is it systematically indoctrinated? How does it all work? When you talk about an "ultimate goal" I confess to think of an Evil Genius kind of character running a world wide organization, I suppose that such is not your perception of how this system operates or do you believe it to be mostly consciously run by organizations?

I still do not see reason to adhere to your definition of racism as it is confusing to me so if this different usage of that word or anything else in my post is confusing, please feel free to clarify.


I am interested however in this "system" that you describe, personally I do believe that there are definite "systems" in place that contribute negatively to racism, be it of religious or political nature, stereotypes in media etc. As an example the stereotype of the violent, women hating muslim men in Dutch culture is both propagated by popular media as a significant percentage of the "group" itself. It's a complex interaction between society as a whole and the minorities involved in such cases. The negative stereotype seems to become a badge of honor in stead as a mark of shame in those cases.


I am inclined to believe that overall non-whites suffer most racism at the hands or mouths of whites, both consciously and subconsciously, this makes it all the more painful to me to see how minorities themselves, specifically the kids can base their life(style) on the stereotype that society has marked them with.


That quote from Francis Cress Welsing should be accompanied with the *thump* *thump* *thump* intro of "Chocolate Salty Balls" by Chef from the serie South Park.

Shaheed, I totally agree with your assessment of racial intolerance in America and on a global scale. Most white people that I come in contact with (and some black), continue to live their lives in abject denial of racism being a huge problem, especially white on black. They seem to want to believe that there is no racism anymore, It's all in my head. Obama got elected, and that blacks are more racist. I just have to grin and bare it. It's like " move on already"...Then you are not allowed the chance to move on. Damn if you do, damn if you don't.

I agree, Dr. Mush Peets.
I have to admit that I often feel the same way Dr. Peets

Wow, Frances Cress Welsing, has some valid information.  Some not so much.  I don't have a problem with anyone quoting her.


i agree with you dr. welsing theory seems to hold some water, but then  she gets way out into space!!

I think we have made great strides as far as racism and prejudice is concerened.  However, I do feel that it is more hidden.  People don't wear Klan outfits and such.  The wear a judges robe, and lynch you with their pen, etc.


I work in corporate America and see racism and prejudice at my workplace on a regular.  I think it's just harder to recognize.  Maybe your mother see's the hidden signs of racism and prejudice that many people just view as coincidences.


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