Fiercely, the heat rages on as the stand for humanistic liberty gathers universal momentum. The quest for freedom from the yoke of theological programming in a world that’s been under the stronghold of organized religion for millennia of years now bravely enters the verge of extensive advancement all around the globe. Thanks to the frontier of rational gospels, mounting from the new crusade of Atheists, and audaciously undressing the blatancy of the greatest lies of all times to the world in its raw nudity.

The velocity of change in faith can be best seen in the upsurge of interest in Atheism in recent times. This progressive surge is a clear pointer to the gradual revolution that’s now reshaping religious thinking of the populace in all corners of the world. Several people from different walks of life are now coming to terms with the reality that, taking a stand for lucid reasoning is much more comforting than revelling in the dreamy realms of fantasy and delusion, especially in our modern age.

For the first time in the history of humankind, the power of rationality and reason is increasingly weighing down the sustained spread of doctrinaire evangelism. From every indication, it appears people are rapidly straying away from the misfortune of dogmatic belief and now coming into the path of reality based on reason. The unrelenting spread of the age-old theology of fallacies and of strange superstitions is systematically facing considerable resistance all around the globe. And more than ever before, the touchstone of reality and logical insight into the fallacy of religion is fast signalling the inevitable end of dogmatic faith and the theology of fictionalized gods.

To a greater extent, the resolute stand of the larger corporate group of Atheists, Freethinkers, and Secular Humanists to defend the truth in an era of universal deceits, along with their rational audacity for denying illogical gods fashioned by men for the purpose of power and lucrative profits is now reshaping a new world attitude towards dogmatic faith, as more and more people are progressively becoming rational than being religious. Believe it or not, the dominant authority of religion is as never before in danger of losing significant patronage in their con trade, most especially within the enclave of its greenest zones in Africa.

The deceit to turn human judgment into divine command is the hit in the highest point of all spurious impositions that makes religion the most dreadful scam the world has ever known. The age-old misdeed of theologians, self-styled prophets and professional preachers is an appalling sin against humanity that needs to be denounced in compelling terms. As P.C. Hodgell once wrote, “That which can be destroyed by the truth, should be.”  

The heat rages on, as the validity of our dissenting stand against the era of universal deceit gathers inspiring momentum all around the globe.

Your friend in reason

Adebowale Ojowuro


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As the 2010 midterm elections showed, the forces of ignorance and fear can always spring back for a 'victory.' We must be cautiously optimistic and vigilant to assure that progress is maintained.
Greetings my brother. John Smith, one of the members of this forum, recommended your book and I'm going through my first read. Thank you for your literary contribution (I'm sure there will be more) and commitment to reason and sanity. The world in general and Black communities in particular need intelligent and lucid voices like yours.

Peace, respect and critical thinking,
Rob H.
Warmest greetings to you, Rob! Hope you're having a terrific read from the pages of The Crisis of Religion. Great to be connected to you here on Atheist Nexus. Fraternally yours in reason, Adebowale




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