Theists are one thing but have you ever encountered a Sitchinist? How do you counter their claims that the bible is true but grossly misinterpeted?

Wondering who else has come in contact with those who ascribe to Zechariah Sitchin and his theories, unlike Erich Von Daniken Sitchin is somewhat accredited in the language department. Akin to Josef ben Jochanan, Sitchin has written quite a few books and has a legion of followers. I have read a few of his books myself.

Does the Ancient Astronaut/Intergalactic Miner theory have any plausibility? What about his theory of humans being created as hybrid simian/??? to mine gold?

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Does the Ancient Astronaut/Intergalactic Miner theory have any plausibility?

No. This is pseudoscientific nonsense and a waste of time. Just reading the summaries of his work makes it obvious.

It's much more worthwhile to study legitimate science and scientists, not fringe crackpots.
Within certain realms I agree with you, but I refuse to completely write anything off as simple nonsense outside of religion and state sponsored/pushed ideology.

I see quite a few discussions centered around the soap opera known as politics on this "freethinking" site and do not immediately express my dismay for the inconvenience of being asked or offered to deconstruct these ideas.

Sometimes "freethinkers" themselves get a little too big for their own britches, what exactly is legitimate science? I've perused many of the frivolous discussions you have partaken in, please use a little courtesy and ignore what you don't like in the near future. Keep your pithy negativity to yourself.

I refuse to completely write anything off as simple nonsense outside of religion and state sponsored/pushed ideology.

There's plenty of pseudoscience that is not necessarily religious in nature.

what exactly is legitimate science?

There are plenty of books and articles on the subject - philosophy of science, the scientific method, etc. Skeptic websites offer valuable informtion on fringe pseudiscientists like Sitchin. One important aspect of legitimate science is repeatability and verifiability.

I've perused many of the frivolous discussions you have partaken in, please use a little courtesy and ignore what you don't like in the near future.

I have no idea what "frivolous" conversations I've taken part in, nor what you consider "frivolous". Why should I ignore what I don't like? That’s a point of having discussions in the first place.

Keep your pithy negativity to yourself.

You asked for an opinion on a public site and I gave it.

I have read many of Sitchin's books, and as Yosemite Sam I refuse to dismiss everything off as nonsense. Obviously Sitchen is going back to the ancient Sumerian as the source to support his argument. This source however have been write off as myth and, in my view, is just that at this point. The Sumerian speak of beings existing outer space; but there are, so far, no evidence of any beings existing outside our earth and we are actively trying to see if they do exist. Thus because of that, I believe, George is wrong, when saying that it is "nonsense and a waste of time". I am certainly skeptical about the hybrid theory, but again Sitchen is explaining what the Sumerian themselves recorded, not his theory, per say. What has been shown by Sitchen is the fact that the biblical story of creation strongly parallel the Sumerians story, and might be the source from where the Bible authors get their story.
Also, before an idea is accepted as "legitimate science" it hovers around what can be describe as fringe. So yes, the hybrid theory can be describe as fringe science but, in my view, not pseudoscience. However, what the Sumerians talk about in the hybrid creation is not unlike what we do today in cloning. However, we have to first find out if the beings (Anunnaqi), the beings from another planet (Niberu) that actually did the hybrid creation (according to the Sumerians) existed and are they technology more advance than us.
Many of his postulations via the interpretation of various cuneiform tablets are thought provoking. An enigmatic figure to say the least, he died on October 9th and was one of the more popular authors of his niche. Another author similar to him and in alignment of the Annunaki ideology is Graham Hancock of "fingerprints of the gods" fame.
Re the question: are you fucking kidding me?
"Re the question: are you fucking kidding me?"

Why would someone be kidding you? Dp you feel this topic is beneath your loftiness?
ok all this sitchin ish while thought provoking is complete bull because almost all of it centers on the existence of a rogue planet named nibiru. which doesn't exist. BEHOLD Niel DeGrasse Tyson debunking NIBIRU
Also the so called missing gravity as an explanation for nibiru was nothing more than intentionally corrupted data from ONE observatory. They removed this one observatories data and all of a sudden all gravity is accounted for from Sol to the edge of the Kuiper Belt. Don't believe me go read the pluto files.
Again, have you ever heard of "hydrostatic equilibrium"? Once again, you should pay attention to your sources as opposed to their comedic church-styled deliveries.

First of all, if you ever attended any higher education you would know that youtube is the equivalent of wikipedia. Although Niel Degrasse holds some weight, he did not thoroughly debunk anything. It was more slapstick than anything as his real targets are the mass media hype machine and their "2012" movie. Never mind the fact that he is heavily influenced by Carl Sagan...

While I dismiss much of the speculation surrounding Sitchin's work as many have taken token ideas and run with it, quite a few of his ideas fit better into the pieces that are being used to explain historical occurrences.


I'm not being snarky or whatever, but I see many on this network still drudging the currents of uncomfortability in a monotheistic world in their posts and thoughts. They watch some videos and think of themselves as higher intelligence. Watching a "VIDEO" to gain knowledge is a misnomer in itself.


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