I am writing this as a sort of cathartic endeavor. I'd be interested in what you men and women here on the Nexus feel about this.
Recently I signed up for Facebook and enthusiasticly went about trying to re-connect with long-lost friends/schoolmates. I found a dear friend of mine, contacted her and she accepted my friendship. We made plans via phone to meet each other once I returned to visit my hometown of Brooklyn, NY earlier this month. I guess subsequently she took a look at my profile and noted that I am a self-proclaimed Atheist, Humanist,Naturalist. From here you all can surmise what happened next. She officially unfriended me. I am hurt, but not really surprised. I thought that my stance would not be an issue as I don't really knock anyone for what they choose to believe in.
Fellow A/Ners, have you experienced similar reactions or have you stayed in the proverbial closet out of not wanting to cause distruption in your life? I'm very interested in knowing. How do we become mainstream or close to mainstream, or simply not seen as people more terrible than Freddie Kruger, Ted Bundy, and Predator combined? WWJD if he existed? Lord Krishna hear my plea! LOL, yet bruised.

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Yeah, and Jesus dying on the cross for our sins is a symbol of blood sacrafice.  Then they condemn voodoo. lol
lol! I know right? And the whole bread=Christ's body.
Wine=Christ's Blood

and yet....

My close friends know where I stand. I've posted a few things on FB though haven't changed my religion status to Atheist. So pretty much everybody should know.  I dont make critical comments if they post religious stuff, though there have been a lot of prayer for Japan type posts recently.


My family should know because Ive said more than once; but one brother, who became more religious recently, seems to ignore what I said and still engages me as if we have belief in common.  It is odd.


In general I'm at a point in my personal life that I've self selected out of any group where it would really be a problem.

What would jebus do? Have you brought before him and killed. Check out Luke 19:27. Considering that I think you got off light. :-)

Facebook is an interesting and somewhat dismaying experience, particularly if your profile says that you are an atheist. People with whom I haven't had contact in decades feel it's their right to lecture me about my "evil life" without god. There are also others, usually ministers, that want to become Facebook friends so that they can try to save my soul.


I rarely log into Facebook these days. The numerous postings that want me to click like "if I believe jesus is lord" are just too annoying.


It would be nice to know like-minded individuals on Facebook. 


This is how I see it: When a person 'comes out' as you say or otherwise indicates that they are an atheist, (I often euphemize it into 'non-believer' to soften the impact), they're essentially declaring that whatever the unspoken compact of complicity was before, they no longer want to pretend-play. Another way to see it--- they're saying they want to stop playing and be a grown-up. I believe all 'religious believers' have doubts about their faith that nag at their souls and conflict their reasoning. When an atheist just flat out self-identifies, as matter-of-factly as saying... "Yeah...I'm left-handed, so what?", then they're essentially provoking the other person into a revisiting of the 'elephant in the room'...the elephant of their own personal doubt-memory about faith.  
It's not easy for them to hold onto supernatural beliefs in the world today and when something like this happens, I figure that I'm only the latest reminder of that.
Afterthought: How is the experience of a 'black atheist' in this matter any different than a 'white atheist'? I'm not trying to be facetious. Is there really a qualitative or even a quantative distinction? I would've imagined it to be an essentially equivalent experience.

OMG. So then my Uncle Joe, the orthodontist, was right? Dentists ARE taking over the world!


I completely agree. I live down the street in Ct, where religion isn't that much of a problem.
I also notice that to attack the religious beliefs is analogous to attacking the person. To attack them is to attack their character, morality, essence, upbringing, and family. And nobody but nobody talks about my mama!!!
Hmm, if those religious beliefs include socially harmful viewpoints, then I guess I'll just have to attack the person as well, be they my mama, your mama, or anybody else's mama
Jeez! Sparks... you'd attack my mother if she took her eyes off the prize because she thought Armageddon was a year away... therefore, so what ? Don't invite me and Hunter over for Thansgiving. ;^o
L. Hunter, yes, I am seeing that now. Just the other day some friend's and i were having a discussion about Trump and the Tea Party assholes and their mindless attack's on the President and everything to do with government. I remarked that they were composed of the religious right, rebranded, with the usual coalition of ethno-centric nativist that hates everyone that is not like them and at base they are strongly rooted and movtivated by their shared Christian faith. That is when things began to unravel,aside from hearing the uninformed make comments one expects from people who ignore the facts, too much Fox TV, I was subjected to unrestraint vituperative attack on the remarks i made concerning Christians,and this was from people who i have known for decades. They know that I am an atheist and have no need in my life for superstitious nonsense. I made the mistake of thinking we were all having an intelligent adult conversation. I was accused of trying to take their faith,character,upbringing and morality from them. Wow! Of course, later after the night ended somewhat early, I received call's of apology from those who realized that they were clearly in the wrong for their outrageous conduct  but i was reminded how much their belief was so central and dear to their lives. So much for the mea culpa. Like their abrasive Abrahamic cousins they are all so highly offended at the  merest criticism of religion      
Ive been reading about the differences between white and black atheists. For the most part there really isn't a difference. However, white atheists would seem to care more for science and reason while black atheist care more for social and economic justice. While we are essentially the same black atheists focus more upon righting wrongs within our community, white whites are concerned with church state operation. Our experiences and coming out are much the same.
I know this is true for me, I'm going to look into starting freethought community where I am. However I wanted it to do everything that church does without the superstitions. feeding the poor, educating our youth, community clean-ups etc.


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