Solipsism is a philosophical term involving a narcissistic perspective about the non-existence of aspects outside of one’s own head. No other minds exist except for the one perceiving her/his particular reality. The developmental characteristics of infants incur a solipsist view of life; it is them, and them alone reeling through the valleys of the unknown—looking for meaning and connectivity amid their own realm. However, as infants obtain maturation through developmental phases of adolescents, etc., solipsism is no longer applicable; the belief that other children, teenagers, etc. share an intrinsic experience becomes actualized.

To implement the religiosity of the status quo, even as adults, the solipsist perspective becomes volatile with an intolerable thirst for missionary conviction. The belief that only their god exists (or even exist at all), or the authoritative proclamation that gays are an abomination (theologically motivated) to society is solipsism carried over into adulthood. By what merit does one proclaim the morality of the day; is it innate through some moral genetic DNA strand; or is it merely justifications through ancient writings concocted by people like us?

To be ethical is to transcend societal morality; an agreed upon status quo amid the oligarchy. Solipsism…the lack of maturation of an adult mind strapped in the girdle of theological infantilization; it’s all about me.

-Robert Affinis

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