Why, oh why.  I just have to vent!


An associate on my facebook posts the following:  "Thanks to everyone that has been looking out for me.  Thanks for the prayers, etc...What did I do to piss the devil off?"


Ok, she is soooo perfect that she couldn't have pissed her God off, so it had be her upsetting the devil.  Tho, in Christianity you are taught that the devil cannot do anything to one of God's children without his permission.  So, err ummmm, her God let the devil f with her because she is such a good Christian?  The whole damn thing is stupid, I swear.  And just think, I probably used to say the same dumb ass crap!!!!!


Then, a friend told me his friend said to him "I would take a bullet for Christianity".  I was like really, he told you that. 

Give me a friggin break!  He can't even keep his damn pants up for his beliefs, so u mean to tell me he would take a bullet.  Get the f outta here! 


Black folks are more religious than anyone!!!!  I never ever see posts like this on my White friends facebook pages.  Oh superstitious, hocus pocus, spooky stuff!!!!


And they look at me like I am the crazy one.  Go figure!


Ok, there's my rant...had to get that out!



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Hahaha!!! Don't you just love the audacity??? It's amazing how self-important and self righteous people can be. The fact that the person didn't even think "Gee, well maybe I'm not living my life the way god wants" and just immediately assumed their actions were right is crazy.

Oh yeah.  She is so perfect, I bet she pisses Polo!  lol. 

Way to go Navitta! Life in the stupid zone takes it's toll on Christians.

Not to mention, last week.  This same person, after a few glasses of Moscato and Riesling, feels she needs to tell me, I am living my life in sin and God is not finding favor in me.  Blah Blah Blah.  So, after I thought about what she said.  I called her the next day and asked her "aren't you screwin' your boyfriend?".  She says yeah, but we are married!  We don't have to go downtown to be married we have a committment to each other.  We consider ourselves married.


Hmmmm, how convenient, tho I have never either one of them call each other husband and wife.  Then, she even goes deeper in a whole to add, she has had 15 husbands. LMBAO!  Wow, Mz Christian must not read her Bible thoroughly, 'cause all that divorcing is against the Christian principles.  I didn't even mention that to her.  I just let it go.  Freaks!


Navitta - you know good and well when anything bad happens to a "Christian" it's the work of the devil!!  Then when something good happens, it's "praise Jebus!"   Let's not even get started on the hypocrisy.  I  know so-called Christians who will mistreat people and raise all kinds of hell, but when you call them on it their excuse is "I'm human, I'm not perfect" and "God knows my heart."  Yeah, ok.  How incredibly convenient for you.


I will never forget this woman I knew some years back, she was disrespectful to her girlfriend, cheated on her, etc.  When things finally blew up at the end, she had the nerve to go around telling people that she wasn't worried about the situation because she knew that God had better things waiting for her.  What in the world?!  So now God rewards cheating, creeping, and lying?  The self-righteousness in some of these folks is enough to make me want to vomit.

I hope you feel relieved after your vent.)

yep, all praises be to allah, lol.





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