As you know, there is a general lack of minority participation in the Secular Movement.

My question: What do Black Americans look for in a freethinker group that you would not get in a predominately White American atheist/humanist group? What would motivate you to participate in a Black Humanist group?

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Location...if one was in close distance to my home. I would travel a certain distance if my son was older. But being active on-line only is no problem. I just find it extra special to see others like myself talking freely about being a nontheist...can relate more.
1. There is the "FREE" in Freethought, IMO being an atheist is hard enough, then to add that when you do find blacks who think outside the boxes, many want to shove you right back in it.
2. Theists have spirituality, but that's not what we want from those "Free" thinkers. IMO if you are free, then be free every way possible.
3. The right to agree to disagree IMO, if we were lucky enough to find each other, (Needles in a haystack), wouldn't be OK then to say I disagree without tearing out eyes hair or ripping off our faces?
4. I'm just saying, is all.
5. We "Blacks" IMO have borne the brunt for long enough without many accolades or appreciations and it's time to honor those before us, with us and the future us. I'm just saying.
I was looking for a word that encompassed all non-religious. Secular and freethought was the only things that came to mind.
If I had a choice, I'd only work with Black organizations exclusively on every issue that is important to me. Unfortunately most Black folks are not interested in those issues and visa versa.

A secular movement or atheist group isn't at the top of my list of causes however if it was:

1. Solidarity and trust.

WE experience the same racism in atheist and theist groups. I am tired of trying to organize and deal with THEIR racism in an organization/movement at the same time. Most North Americans are racist and I don't trust most of them to address racism when it comes up in an organization or any movement. Most of THEM who say they are anti-racist until they have to confront one of their white colleagues or friends about their racist behavior or organizing. It is not the responsibility of the oppressed to educate the oppressor.

2. I don't follow direction from North Americans on any issue that affects the Black/New Afrikan community. Many of THEM think WE need a white savior to lead US.

3. Leaving the word African-American out of the name of the group. That ethnic distinction is a creation of the black petty-bourgeoisie.

That's just off of the top of my head for now. That was a bit of a rant, I may have gone off topic, but I hope people understood what I meant and where I'm coming from.
I think if the "Black Humanist Group" understood volition and logic were factors in determining whether altruism was necessary in a given situation or not I would be more comfortable joining such a group. Also, because I am of a fairly mixed ethnicity inclusive of Black, I think ethnicity is just one part of why I would be comfortable joining any such group.
I think its because of the use of the word free-in freethought. Not to mention, knowing that I am not "the only one," in this world. However, the only thing is that we realize that we are not the only "others" of the world. This nexus for example, incorporates minorities, women, and the LGBTQ community...




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