William R. Jones, Jr., author of 'Is God a White Racist?', dies

Here is an obituary:

Rest in Peace – Rev. Bill R. Jones, Rev Josh Pawelek, July 20, 2012

Jones died on Friday, July 13, 2012, close to his 79th birthday.

I have posted about him several times. One of my posts is referenced in this obituary:

Ralph Dumain has a helpful review of Is God a White Racist? here

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One of the most influential books for my particular field in understandings the truth about some Afrocentric scholars and their shortcomings of their theses, especially James Comes with his black liberation, theory which linked black suffering to the Jewish exodus from Egypt. Cone makes a connection but it only peripheral way that literally disintegrates in the face of the examination, which shows no meaningful fossils, petrification , feces harvest tools or utensils for to make food and dine. In other words, the EXODUS never happened.




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