I created the new blog "The Gospel According to St. Bastard" for a very specific reason. It was when it struck me that I knew I was toning down my writing on my main blog in order to not hurt religious people who are close to me, and whose feelings I care a great deal about.

I don't respect their beliefs. I can't do that, I'm just not that guy. However I do respect my family and friends, very often despite their beliefs. It was because of my respect and love for them that I was unconsciously toning down my writing.

So, I had to make a decision. I couldn't ignore the fact that I was editing myself, and it was troubling that I was. My choices were to let fly on my main blog and damn the consequences or start a new blog with the intent and purpose of allowing me that outlet without risking the integrity of the relationships that I enjoy with certain family and friends.

What would you have done in this situation?

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The content of my blog is why I've not informed my family (with the exception of my father) that I have a blog. My mother and one of my sisters are both devout Christians. Though it's the RRRW Christians I take to task on my blog, I fear my family might not glean that from my writing and take offense. Furthermore as you've seen, it's easier to write if you aren't doing so with the assumption that Mom is going to be reading it.

My father does read from time to time but he's quite laid back so I have no worries about him seeing anything I write.

In your situation I likely would have done the same thing you did.
Well, it's good to know that there are others out that do the same thing. I'm honestly surprised that there weren't any negative responses. The blog is going well, and I got a surprising amount of hits on the first couple of weeks due to articles on that guy who said his mansion in Britain was haunted. I got 997 hits on the biggest day, though that has now moved down to a more moderate number.
Sam Harris advocates conversational intolerance. Over the years, organized religion slowly gained a position of hegemony over our lives. Forcefully challenging them was deemed uncouth, and impolite. Yet as Sam Harris pointed out only religion achieved such a sacrosanct status.

Misplaced idealism has brought us to a point where Christian fascists now have the power to seat a president like George Bush for eight years and force presidential candidate John McCain to accept their candidate for Vice President of the United States, the Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin. We need to all seriously consider how our deference might be the undoing of our democracy. Looking back to the early days of the countries we find a raucous anything goes public debate via broadsides and newspapers. We need to get back to that spirit.

I think we are late coming to a time when we discard the tender feelings of our family, friends and neighbors who are delusional. There is a facebook group dedicated to the concept of conversational intolerance. Atheists should band together to explore all the creative ways we can employ this tactic.

As a rule of thumb, I don't blog anything that I wouldn't say to someone's face. It may be fun to think, "Those stupid _", but either saying it or blogging it is a bad idea. I try not to use the net as a means of disguise, so that tends to keep out of control venting under control. I also try to be specific when making any critiques. Instead of accusing all Mormons denying gay marriage I'll state that Church of JC of LDS funded Prop 8. It still places blame where it needs to be without blaming some random guy in the street.




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