Now that we’ve built up a (very) small nugget of regular readers, I’d like to use that (very) minor influence to help out my fellow Internetians. I’m putting together a links page, that will expand on my sidebar list and give me some freedom to better categorize the sites that are represented. If you’ve got a website, blog, YouTube channel, Livejournal, Facebook MySpace, etc. that you’d like me to link to, simply add a link to, and then send me a link to the page containing your link, so I can add a reciprocal link, and we can all collapse in a big, sweaty, linky heap.

You can leave your link in a comment, or you can do the email at oskar [at symbol] suburbanpanic [dot] com. If the link you’d like me to add is different from the URL where your link to us is located, please let me know which is which. I’m not that bright.

Happy Linking!

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