I've recently appealled to Blogspot users to consider using a better commenting system than the built in from Blogger. This isn't just for Blogger of course, as I already have it replace my WP comment systems as well.
There's no point repeating what I wrote here but I'd like to
A) Raise awareness to this, and
B) Ask your opinions:

Do you like the blogger comment system? I will admit that I loathe it so I'd love to see more people stop using it.
If you don't like it, why don't you switch?
Currently there are a few options you can attempt:

Of these, I think Haloscan is the worst and IDC is the best, mostly because of the great features and the excellent support (and hey, I'll be there to help too)

I suggest if you haven't considered these before, give them a try and see how you like them.
IDC specifically can be even tried only on your new posts and you're not going to lose any comments.

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Initially I was going to ask what specifically you didn't like about blogspot, having missed the link you provided. Sorry about that, my laptop screen is barely functioning and off to the repair shop on Monday. I'm still using the original blogspot comments on my blog (of just over a year) but might just look into Intense Debate. I rather like the idea of editing fundy comments (although I banned my resident fundy). Wouldn't have had to ban him if I could edit his comments though. Hmmmmmm.
Cool! Let me know when you try it out and I'll give you a visit :)

Editing fundie comments can be fun occasionally I guess but I generally prefer to skewer them with my own comments :)
PZ recently deconsonanted someone. If you only take out the vowels, it's still possible to figure out what was originally there.
PZ recently deconsonanted someone. If you only take out the vowels, it's still possible to figure out what was originally there.
I've been using the Blogger comments on Mississippi Atheists because it is low-traffic enough that I feel like I can live with the limitations. On Atheist Revolution, I implemented Haloscan quite awhile ago because it was the only way I knew to get trackback. I've also tried Cocomment and did not like it at all. Maybe I should check out Intense Debate one of these days.
From my experience, IDC blows haloscan out of the water. Also they are going to implement trackbacks any day now.

I whole heartily recommend you give it a go for a while and see how it goes, since they allow you to export your comments, you can always go back.
Let me know if you run into any problems
I looked into it, and none of the alternatives seems capable of importing Haloscan comments. This means that switching to IDC would mean losing 100% of my comments and starting completely over. I'm not sure if it is worth that.
Hmmm, haloscan just keeps your comments in their own servers? It does not export you comments to xml? So, if you ever fall out with them or whatever, you'll lose your comments?

Anyway, I don't know how Haloscan works but if it does allow you to export your comments, you can contact the IDC admins for help and I can guarantee that they'll attempt to see if they can do it somehow. Hell, even if you cannot export them, try contacting anyway.

Finally, you can always keep Haloscan on the old posts and activate IDC only on the new ones.
Haloscan does allow exporting comments if you have an upgraded account, i.e. you have donated at least US$12 to them.
thats sounds like extortion...
I personally prefer IDC but let's not get into this debate here
Both Disqus and IDC are better than the default blogger for certain :)




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