I've recently appealled to Blogspot users to consider using a better commenting system than the built in from Blogger. This isn't just for Blogger of course, as I already have it replace my WP comment systems as well.
There's no point repeating what I wrote here but I'd like to
A) Raise awareness to this, and
B) Ask your opinions:

Do you like the blogger comment system? I will admit that I loathe it so I'd love to see more people stop using it.
If you don't like it, why don't you switch?
Currently there are a few options you can attempt:

Of these, I think Haloscan is the worst and IDC is the best, mostly because of the great features and the excellent support (and hey, I'll be there to help too)

I suggest if you haven't considered these before, give them a try and see how you like them.
IDC specifically can be even tried only on your new posts and you're not going to lose any comments.

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I thought this article might be of interest to some looking for a comparison of the various commenting options.
Not a bad article. Cheers!




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